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Your Radio Shack TRC-232 4-Watt 40-Channel CB Walkie-Talkie is a portable,
two-way citizen's band radio that you carry almost anywhere.  Use it 
around the house, in your office, or in your car or boat.  You can put your
walkie-talkie to good use on fishing and camping trips, or you can use it 
in your business for security patrols, supervisors, or warehouse personnel.

Your walkie-talkie has these advanced features:

Digital Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Frequency Synthesizer - provides the 
                              highest degree of accurate and stable tuning.

Auto-Scan - searches for active channels.

Dual Watch - lets you monitor one channel while listening to another.

Two Power Levels - let you save battery power on short-range transmissions.

Power Saver - reduces power consumption by 30% when the walkie-talkie is
              not receiving a transmission.

Large, Illuminated, Digital Display - shows the channel number, battery
                         condition, RF power, and incoming signal strength.

Base-Loaded, Helical Antenna with BNC Connector - provides excellent
                                                reception and transmission.

Built-in, Ceramic Filters - ensure superior selectivity and freedom from
                            adjacent-channel interference.

Automatic Modulation Control - ensures a constant RF modulation level.

Automatic Gain Control - maintains a constant volume level, regardless of
                         the signal strength.

Automatic Noise Limiter - helps reduce noise caused by nearby electrical
                          equipment, such as motors or automotive ignition

DC Adapter Cord - lets you operate the walkie-talkie from your vehicle's
                  cigarette lighter or AC power, and connect the 
                  walkie-talkie to an external, mounted antenna.

Optional Power Sources - let you operate the walkie-talkie from alkaline
                         batteries, rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries,
                         your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket, or AC

Note:  You can operate a walkie-talkie without an FCC license.

For your records, we recommend you record your walkie-talkie's serial 
number.  The serial number is on the walkie-talkie's back panel.


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