PRO-2011 Programmable Scanner
(200-0118)                   Operation               Faxback Doc. # 34694


1.  Select the desired channel in one of three ways:
    (a)  Press [MANUAL].  Continue pressing until the display shows the
    desired channel.  Press [PROGRAM].
    (b)  Press the desired channel and [MANUAL].  Press [PROGRAM].
    -- or --
    (c)  Press [PROGRAM].  Press the desired channel.  Press [PROGRAM].

2. Type in the Frequency.

   NOTE:  If you are uncertain about specific frequencies in your locale,
          RadioShack's "Police Call Directory Including Fire & Emergency
          Services" is an excellent reference.

3. Press [ENTER].

To program the next frequency, press [PROGRAM] to advance to the next

Repeat the same steps to add more frequencies.


When you make a mistake while entering a number, press [CLEAR] and
re-enter the correct frequency.

If you enter a frequency that is outside a PRO-2011 band range, Error
indicator lights.  Press [CLEAR] and select another frequency.

Any frequency within a PRO-2011 band range will be accepted.  However,
the frequency that can be stored into PRO-2011 memory is in 5 kHz step
in the VHF bands and the 12.5 kHz step in the UHF bands.  The scanner
will automatically round off the entered frequency to the closest valid
frequency.  For example, if you enter 145.234 MHz, the PRO-2011 will
accept this entry as 145.230 MHz.  Or the entry 398.263 MHz will be
treated as 398.262 MHz.

The tuning range of your PRO-2011 is permanently stored in the
microprocessor chip.  There's no way it can be extended or altered --
even by a skilled electronics technician.  So if you try to enter a
frequency not in the PRO-2011's tuning range, you'll get an error message
every time.

If you want to change the frequency entered for a specific channel, enter
the new frequency over the old one, following the steps in "PROGRAMMING


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