PRO-2042 Programmable Scanner
(200-0464)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 31529

The new Radio Shack PRO-2042 1000-Channel Programmable Home Scanner lets
you in on all the action!  With its convenient rotary tuner and keypad, you
can quickly tune to over 196,000 frequencies (within the ranges of 25-1300
MHz) that include those used by police and fire departments, ambulance
services, aircraft communications, amateur radio services, transportation
services, Citizen's Band and commercial FM and television broadcasters.
You can select up to 1,000 channels to scan and you can change your
selections at any time.

The secret to your scanner's ability to scan so many frequencies is its
custom-designed microprocessor - a tiny, built-in computer.

Your scanner has all these special features.

                  Hyperscan - lets you scan up to 50 channels per second
                              and search up to 50 steps per second.

           Weather Band Key - scans ten preprogrammed weather frequencies
                              to keep you informed about current weather

  Ten Channel-Storage Banks - you can store 100 channels in each bank to
                              group channels so calls are easier to
                              identify.  The scanner automatically warns
                              you if you try to store duplicate frequencies
                              (except when storing frequencies into
                              channels from monitor memories).

       100 Monitor Memories - temporarily save up to 100 frequencies
                              located during a frequency search, letting
                              you move selected frequencies to permanent
                              channel storage later.

           Priority Channel - you can set the scanner to check one channel
                              every 2 seconds so you do not miss important

                 Auto Store - quickly finds and automatically stores active
                              frequencies in each channel, then searches
                              for additional active frequencies while
                              skipping previously stored channels.

              TAPE OUT Jack - lets you connect an optional tape recorder to
                              the scanner to record transmissions.

               Rotary Tuner - lets you manually tune and select desired
                              frequencies or channels.  The scanner's tune
                              speed automatically changes depending on how
                              fast you turn the rotary tuner.

    Two-Second Channel Scan - delays scanning for 2 seconds before moving
    Delay                     to another channel, so you can hear more

              Memory Backup - keeps channel frequencies stored in memory
                              for up to 3 months during a power loss.

          Lock-Out Function - lets you set your scanner to skip over
                              specified channels or frequencies when
                              scanning or searching.

             Frequency Sort - lets you sort frequencies stored in a bank
                              from the highest to the lowest or the lowest
                              to the highest frequency, to help you
                              organize stored frequencies in your scanner's

Ten preprogrammed Frequency - let you search for transmissions within
Ranges                        preset frequency ranges or within ranges you
                              set, to reduce search time and select
                              interesting frequencies more quickly.

    Direct Frequency Search - lets you search for new and unlisted

              Sound Squelch - keeps the scanner from stopping on
                              frequencies with only a carrier signal and no
                              voice or other sound, so you can hear only
                              calls instead of static.

            Backlit Display - makes it easy to view and change programming

          Two Power Options - let you power the scanner from standard AC
                              power (with the supplied AC power cord), or
                              your vehicle's battery (with an optional DC
                              cigarette lighter power cord).

WARNING:  To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose this product to
          rain or moisture.

Your PRO-2042 scanner can receive all of these bands:

   25-28 MHz (HF Hi)
   28-29.7 MHz (10-Meter Amateur Radio)
   54-72 MHz (FM-TV Audio Broadcast, Wide Band)
   72-76 MHz (Land Mobile Service Band)
   76-88 MHz (FM-TV Audio Broadcast, Wide Band)
   88-108 MHz (FM Radio Broadcast, Wide Band)
   108-136.975 MHz (Aircraft)
   137-144 MHz (Government)
   144-148 MHz (2-Meter Amateur Radio)
   148-174 MHz (VHF Hi)
   174-216 MHz (FM-TV Audio Broadcast, VHF Wide Band)
   216-224.9875 MHz (VHF Hi, 1 1/4 Meter Amateur Radio)
   225-399.9875 MHz (Military Aircraft)
   400-450 MHz (UHF Lo, 70-Centimeter Amateur Radio, Government)
   450-470 MHz (UHF Lo)
   470-520 MHz (UHF "T" Band)
   760-805.9875 MHz (UHF "T" Band)
   806-823.9875 MHz (UHF Public Service)
   849.0125-868.9875 MHz (UHF Hi)
   894.0125-956 MHz (UHF Hi, 33-Centimeter Amateur Radio)
   956-1300 MHz (Private Fixed Services, Paging, Aircraft Navigation,
   Experimental, 23-Centimeter Amateur Radio)

Your scanner can receive these preprogrammed weather channels:

   161.650 MHz
   161.775 MHz
   162.400 MHz
   162.425 MHz
   162.450 MHz
   162.475 MHz
   162.500 MHz
   162.525 MHz
   162.550 MHz
   163.275 MHz


Your scanner might cause TV or radio interference even when it is operating
properly.  To determine whether or not your scanner is causing the
interference, turn off your scanner.  If the interference goes away, your
scanner is causing it.  Try to eliminate the interference by:

    Moving your scanner away from the receiver.

    Connecting your scanner to an outlet that is on a different electrical
    circuit from the receiver.

    Contacting your local Radio Shack store for help.

If you cannot eliminate the interference, the FCC requires that you stop
using your scanner.

This device complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules.  Operation is subject to
the following conditions:

(1)  This device must not cause harmful interference, and

(2)  This device must accept any interference received, including
     interference that may cause undesired operation.


Your scanner covers frequencies used by many different groups including
police and fire departments, ambulance services, government agencies,
private companies, amateur radio services, military operations, pager
services, and wireline (telephone and telegraph) service providers.  It is
legal to listen to almost every transmission your scanner can receive.
However, there are some transmissions you should never intentionally
listen to.  These include:

    Telephone conversations (either cellular, cordless, or other private
    means of telephone signal transmission)

    Pager transmissions

    Any scrambled or encrypted transmissions

According to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), you are
subject to fines and possible imprisonment for intentionally listening to,
using, or divulging the contents of such a transmission unless you have
the consent of a party to the conversation (unless such activity is
otherwise illegal).

Radio Shack encourages responsible, legal scanner use.

(EB 3/25/96)

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