210-1551       TRC-482 40 CHANNEL CB                 Faxback Doc. # 30453

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Reference #             Cat.No.   Description                NP Part #
                        11318532  BLACK CERAMAC GRAY BAND    1N4002     
                        11319605                             1S2473     
Q603 Q604 Q605                    TRANSISTOR,KTC9014A        1TR0088    
                                  TRANSISTOR,MPS9426B        1TR0204    
Q109                              TRANSISTOR,JF1033S         1TR0650    
                        11332186                             2SC2314    
                        11333093                             2SC366     
CF102                   10555647  FILTER, CERAMIC CFU 455HT  C1443      
C528                    10555654  CAP, TRIMMER 20 PF 50WW    C1444      
L101                    10559656  COIL,27MHZ RX ANTENNA      CA1337     
                        10559656  SLUG                       CA1337     
L306                              COIL,27MHZ TX ANTENNA 4.5  CA1584     
                                  BROWN ROUND SEALED         CA1584     
L601                              COIL,160MHZ RX RF          CA1585     
                                  METAL CAN GRAY/BLACK SLUG  CA1585     
L602                              COIL,455KHZ RX MIXER       CA1586     
                                  ROUND CAN YELLOW CORE      CA1586     
L604                              COIL,455KHZ RX DET         CA1588     
                                  ROUND CAN YELLOW CORE      CA1588     
L605                              COIL,27MHZ RX OSC-2        CA1589     
RFC101 RFC302           10559979  COIL,INDICATOR 6.8UH       CA1590     
                        10559979  BLUE/GRAY/GOLD/SILVER      CA1590     
RFC304 RFC601 RFC602              COIL,.12UH SPRING TYPE     CA1591     
RFC501                            COIL,CHOKE 4UH BOBIN TYPE  CA1592     
L102 L103               10567949  COIL,27MHZ RADIO           CA9047     
                        10567949  SLUG                       CA9047     
L104                    10567956  COIL,10.6MHZ MIXER         CA9048     
                        10567956  METAL CAN BLACK SLUG       CA9048     
L105                    10567964  COIL,455KHZ-A 1FT BLACK    CA9049     
                        10567964  ROUND CAN YELLOW CORE      CA9049     
L106                    10567972  COIL,455KHZ-B RF MIXER BL  CA9050     
                        10567972  ROUND CAN BLACK CORE       CA9050     
L501                    10568277  COIL VOLTAGE CONTROLLED    CA9516     
L301 L302               10568285  COIL,27MHZ RF PREAMPA(TX)  CA9517     
                        10568285  SLUG                       CA9517     
L303                    10568293  COIL,27MHZ RF PREAMPB(TX)  CA9518     
                        10568293  BLACK SLUG                 CA9518     
L304                    10568301  COIL,27 MHZ RF-C(TX)       CA9519     
                        10568301  ROUND BLACK SLUG           CA9519     
CF101                   10570232  FILTER,CERAMIC 10.7MJ      CB0607     
RFC303                  10571412  COIL,CHOKE RADIO           CB2108     
RFC301                  10571685  COIL CHOKE 1UH BOBBIN      CB2676     
RFC401                  10571693  COIL,CHOKE 20UH CORE       CB2677     
RFC201                  10571719  COIL,CHOKE .8UH SPRING     CB2680     
RFC102                            COIL CHOKE 200UH PC TYPE   CB2682     
                                  EPOXY 201K                 CB2682     
C236 C237 C238 C604               0103.+                     CH102KJBCC 
C613                              PKG OF 10                  CH102KJBCC 
C105 C106 C138 C239               USE CH103JJBC              CH103ZJBCC 
C301 C305 C403 C404               REPLACED BY CH103JJBC      CH103ZJBCC 
C405 C506 C508 C517                                          CH103ZJBCC 
C102 C107 C108 C114               .022UF  +80-20  50V   CER  CH223ZJBC  
C539 C605 C607 C608               MINI AXIAL                 CH223ZJBC  
C208 C606                         4700PF  +-20    50V   CER  CH472MJBCC 
                                  PKG OF 10                  CH472MJBCC 
C118 C242 C505                    47000PF +80-20  50V   CER  CH473ZJBCC 
                                  PKG OF 10 MINI AXIAL       CH473ZJBCC 
X-601                             CRYSTAL,16.202MHZ          CX1030     
X-501                   10595965  CRYSTAL,10.240MHZ HC-18/U  CX1176     
D206                              DIODE 8.2V GEA 8.2Y        DX0384     
                                  ORANGE GLASS BLACK BAND    DX0384     
D604                    10622850  DIODE 1N5232 5.6V          DX0422     
D105                    10623171  DIODE 0A90                 DX0576     
                        10623171  CLEAR GLASS BLACK BAND     DX0576     
D511                    10624906  DIODE MV-2209 VARICAP      DX1167     
                        10624906                             DX1167     
D507                    10627172  DIODE UZ9.1B               DX1978     
                        10627172  ORANGE GLASS BLACK BAND    DX1978     
C-4                     10652907  HOLDER,ANTENNA MOUNTING    HB0381     
                        10652907  METAL                      HB0381     
8                                 BUSHING (FOR TR 2SC 2078)  HC3805     
G3                      10677995  RIVET BLIND                HC3807     
                        10677995  ALB                        HC3807     
                        10694214  SCREW,PH 3X6-2S            HD2260     
J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 J6 J7    10715548  HARDWARE KIT,21-1551       HW2101551  
J8 J9 J10 J11           10715548  CONSISTS OF:               HW2101551  
                        10715548  NUT SS41 M3-1S QTY 2       HW2101551  
I1 I2 I3 I4 I5 I6 I7    10715555  INSTALLATION KIT,21-1551   HW2101551M 
I8                      10715555  CONSISTS OF:SEC SCREW M6   HW2101551M 
                        10715555  WASHER LOCK B TYPE M5 (3)  HW2101551M 
J1 J2                   10724623  JACK,SPEAKER EXTERNAL      J0694      
6                       10726040  CONNECTOR M-TYPE           J0843      
7                       10735058  SOCKET,5PIN DIN LOCK TYPE  JB0026     
                        10735058  TCS 2250-01-1011           JB0026     
H-1                     10769214  KNOB,PUSH L380-S8007       K2988      
                        10769214  METAL GRAY                 K2988      
H-2                     10769248  KNOB,SQ ABS 94HB METAL     K2992      
                        10769248  GRAY L380-S8007            K2992      
H-3                     10769255  KNOB,CH ABS 94HB METAL     K2993      
                        10769255  GRAY 380-S8007             K2993      
H-4                     10769263  KNOB,CONTROL               K2994      
                        10769263  L380-S8007 METAL GRAY      K2994      
                        11390861  10 PIN SIP                 KIA7217    
D212 D213 D214          10794485  LED,GREEN                  L1096      
                        10794485  3V 20MA                    L1096      
D215 D404               10797405  LED,LAMP SLB55VR3 RED 3V   LA0141     
                        10797405  20MA                       LA0141     
D513                    10797413  LED,LAMP SLB55MG3 GREEN    LA0142     
                        10797413  3V RED SQUARE 20MA         LA0142     
LED501                  10799799  DISPLAY,LED GREEN          LB0010     
                        10799799  5V 160MA                   LB0010     
                        11391703  20 PIN DIP                 LC7132     
                        11524121  MICROPHONE,CARTRIDGE       M0136      
                        10804581  REPLACED BY M0136          MA0007     
                        10805117  SPONGE&RING RUBBER BLACK   MA0081     
I-4                     10808384  BRACKET,MICROPHONE         MC0001     
                        11370285                             MPS9426B   
                        11370319  T0-92 CASE SIZE            MPS9626    
                        10823748  MANUAL,SERVICE 21-1551     MS2101551  
                        10845881  XEROXCOPY                  MU2101551  
IC203                   10906196  IC TL489CP DIP8 T LVL DET  MX6453     
                        10906196  8 PIN DIP                  MX6453     
R310                    10939130  10    5%    1W    MOF RES  N0063EGDC  
                        10939130  PKG OF 10                  N0063EGDC  
R246                    10939155  10    5%    2W    MOF RES  N0063EHD   
R247                              15    5%    1W    MOF RES  N0074EGDC  
                                  PKG OF 10                  N0074EGDC  
                        10940237  100   5%    1W    MOF RES  N0132EGD   
RV201 RV203             10959492  POT,SEMI 10KB 8 DIA +25%   P0128      
RV202                   10959500  POT,SEMI 2KB 8 DIA +25%    P0129      
VR201                   11524279  POT,10K SQUELCH            P1683      
                        11524279  SQUELCH WITH NUT WASHER    P1683      
                        10976926  VOLUME ON/OFF POT          P8074      
VR102                   10977379  POT,VARI 50KB 20% WO/SW    PA0035     
                        10977379  WITH NUT,WASHER RF GAIN    PA0035     
VR201                   10977395  USE P1683                  PA0037     
                        10977395  REPLACED BY P1683          PA0037     
SW9                     11065737  SWITCH, PUSH IF0002        S7685      
SW1 SW2 SW10            11073012  SWITCH,PUSH 2P-2C          SD0024     
                        11073012  LOCKDOWN                   SD0024     
SP1                     11088507  SPEAKER,3"8 OHM 3W         SP5396     
TH201                   11090768  THERMISTOR 500 OHM         T1259      
T201                    11524345  TRANSFORMER,OUTPUT POWER   TA0995     
CH401                   11100146  TRANSFORMER,CHOKE          TB0182     
T201                    11101078  USE TA0995                 TB0285     
                        11101078  REPLACED BY TA0995         TB0285     
A-3                     11112927  CABLE,FLAT 8P 8X80X2       W0772      
                        11114824  WITH AFTER DATE CODE 1A2   W3270      
                        11151271  SELECT SWITCH              XB3759     
                        11151289  PCB ASSEMBLEY LED          XB3760     
                        11151297  PCB ASSEMBLEY PUSH SWITCH  XB3761     
                        11151305  PCB ASSEMBLEY,WEATHER      XB3762     
B-1 B-2                 11201282  ESCUTCHEON ASSEMBLEY       Z4624      
                        11201282  LENS ACRYL BLACK GREEN     Z4624      
E-1 E2 E3               11201290  COVER ASSY,UPPER           Z4625      
                        11201290  BLACK                      Z4625      
F1 F2 F3 F4             11201308  COVER ASSEMBLEY,BOTTOM     Z4626      
                        11201308  FELT STRIP 140X25X0.3T     Z4626      

(This list was generated on 07/08/2005)

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