PRO-57 Scanner
(200-0126)                 Operation                  Faxback Doc. # 19706


1.  Select a Channel by pressing [PROGRAM].  Repeatedly press [PROGRAM]
    until the channel you wish to program is displayed.  The "-" to the
    left of the channel number indicates the PRO-57 is ready to have a
    frequency programmed.

2.  Enter a Frequency.  Enter a frequency that is active in your area.  An
    excellent reference for active frequencies is Radio Shack's "Police
    Call Directory Including Fire and Emergency Services".  The directory
    is updated every year, so be sure to get a current one.  Also, refer to
    "A General Guide to Scanning" Faxback Doc. # 19705.

3.  Press [ENTER].  This stores the frequency you entered in Step 2.  If
    you made a mistake in Step 2, the display shows "E" to the left of the
    channel number.  Be sure the frequency you entered is in one of the
    bands your Pro-57 receives, then press [CLEAR] and proceed again from
    Step 2.

4.  Press [DELAY].  If you want the Pro-57 to pause slightly after each
    transmission before scanning to the next channel, press [DELAY] so that
    the dot after the channel number turns on.  If you do not want the Pro
    -57 to pause, press [DELAY] again to turn off the dot.

5.  Press [PROGRAM] to program the next channel.

Repeat Steps 2-4 to store additional frequencies (up to 10).


The scanner's display might lock up the first time you connect power to it,
or if power fails for more than one hour.  If this occurs, use a pointed
object, such as a paper clip, to press the reset switch on the back panel
while the power is on.  This procedure clears any information you have
programmed into the scanner.  Use this procedure only when you are sure the
unit is not working properly.


Rotate the VOLUME control clockwise and the SQUELCH control
counterclockwise until you hear a hissing sound.  Then, slowly rotate the
SQUELCH control clockwise until the noise stops.  Leave the VOLUME control
set to a comfortable level.

If the scanner picks up unwanted partial or very weak transmissions, rotate
the SQUELCH control clockwise to decrease the scanner's sensitivity to
these signals.


Once you have stored frequencies into the channels, the Pro-57 can scan
through these channels, searching for a transmission.  Just press [SCAN]. 
The Pro-57 quickly scans all of the channels until it tunes a channel that
has activity.  When the activity stops, the Pro-57 resumes scanning.

NOTE:  If the SQUELCH control is set too low, so that the hissing sound
       between transmissions is continuously heard, the Pro-57 does not


If there is a channel you do not wish to monitor, such as a continuously
transmitted weather channel, press [MANUAL], the channel number, and then
[L/OUT].  The Pro-57 now skips this channel when it is scanning.  You can
still select this channel manually. (See "Manually Selecting a Channel".)

To disable the lockout function, select the channel, and press [L/OUT] a
second time.


If you want to listen to a single channel without scanning, press [MANUAL],
then press the channel number you wish to listen to.  The Pro-57 displays
an "M" to indicate the manual mode.


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