Universal Battery Pack Conditioner/Charger
(230-0250)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 18518

Your Radio Shack Universal Battery Pack Conditioner/Charger uses advanced 
technology to condition and recharge 6- to 12-volt rechargeable battery

To prevent your rechargeable battery pack from losing its ability to fully 
recharge, you must completely discharge it (condition it) about once every
10 times you recharge it.  Normal battery chargers can only recharge a 
battery pack.  Your Radio Shack universal battery pack conditioner/charger
lets you both discharge and recharge it, increasing your battery pack's
efficiency and durability.  

Its features include:

 Multiple Charging Contacts - let you condition various types of
                              rechargeable battery packs.

        Built-In Discharger - lets you condition your rechargeable battery
                              pack for the longest life and best

 Reversible Polarity Switch - lets you quickly reverse the charging
                              polarity of an incorrectly positioned battery

        Automatic Switching - automatically switches to the charging mode
                              when discharging is complete.

   Automatic Voltage Sensor - automatically determines the maximum voltage
                              a connected battery pack will be charged to.

        LED Charging Lights - show you the battery pack's charging
         Temperature Sensor - protects battery packs from over-heating 
                              during charging.

   Battery Pack Versatility - lets you recharge Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-
                              Metal Hydride, and Lead-Acid rechargeable
                              battery packs.

 Two Optional Power Sources - let you power the conditioner/charger using 
                              either standard AC power or your vehicle's 
                              battery power.

(JC  12/28/95)

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