PRO-26 Portable 200-Channel Scanner
(200-0506)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 17719

Your Radio Shack PRO-26 Portable 200-Channel Scanner lets you in on all the
action! This scanner gives you direct access to over 76,000 exciting 
frequencies used by police and fire departments, ambulance and
transportation services, amateur radio, aircraft communications, Citizen's
Band, and commercial FM and television broadcasts.  You can select up to
200 channels for your scanner to scan.

The secret to your scanner's ability to scan so many frequencies is its
custom-designed microprocessor-a tiny, built-in computer.

Your scanner also has these features:

      Continuous Coverage - receives from 25 MHz to 1.3 GHz (excluding
                            cellular service frequencies).

                HyperScan - scans through programmed channels at 50
                            channels per second.

Ten Channel-Storage Banks - let you store 20 channels in each of 10 banks
                            to group frequencies so you can easily identify

         Monitor Memories - let you store up to 10 frequencies you locate
                            during a frequency search which you can then
                            transfer into channels.

             Limit Search - lets you search for transmissions within a set

            Direct Search - lets you search from the current frequency.

              Search Skip - lets you select up to 50 frequencies for the
                            scanner to skip during a search, so you can
                            avoid frequencies you have already discovered.

                Auto Sort - lets you scan the stored channels in order from
                            lowest to highest frequency to increase
                            scanning speed.

              HyperSearch - lets you set the scanner to search at 300
                            steps/second (in 5 kHz steps only).

               Auto Store - quickly fines and automatically stores active
                            frequencies into the selected banks (does not
                            store the frequency if it is already stored in 
                            another channel).

2- or 4-Second Scan Delay - delays scanning for 2 or 4 seconds before
                            moving to another channel, so you can hear more

                Data Skip - skips nonmodulated signals or data signals
                            during a limit or direct search.

        Lock-Out function - prevents channels you select from being

         Priority Channel - checks a specified channel every 2 seconds so
                            you do not miss important calls.

Automatic Modulation Mode - selects the modulation method--narrow-band 
                            frequency modulation (NFM), wide-band frequency
                            modulation (WFM), or amplitude modulation (AM)-
                            -most often used for each band, and lets you 
                            manually override the preset mode (see
                            "Changing the Modulation Mode").

Selectable Frequency Step - lets you select the frequency step during a
                            limit or direct search.

         Weather Band Key - scans the preprogrammed weather frequencies to
                            keep you informed of the most current weather

               Attenuator - adjust the scanner's sensitivity to help
                            eliminate interference from strong, nearby

    Low Battery Indicator - warns you when battery power gets low.

            Memory Backup - keeps the channel frequencies stored in memory
                            for up to 3 days during a power loss.

   Optional Power Sources - let you power your scanner from alkaline
                            batteries, rechargeable batteries, or AC or DC
                            power, and even recharge rechargeable batteries
                            in the scanner.

Your scanner can receive all of these bands:

                                            Default          Frequency
              Range                           Mode               Step
       25.0000 -   28.9950 MHz                AM                  5.0 kHz
       29.0000 -   53.9950 MHz                NFM                 5.0 kHz
       59.7500 -   71.7500 MHz                WFM                 6.0 MHz
       72.0000 -   75.9950 MHz                NFM                 5.0 kHz
       81.7500 -   87.7500 MHz                WFM                 6.0 MHz
       88.1000 -  107.9000 MHz                WFM               200.0 kHz
      108.0000 -  136.9875 MHz                AM                 12.5 kHz
      137.0000 -  173.9950 MHz                NFM                 5.0 kHz
      179.7500 -  215.7500 MHz                WFM                 6.0 MHz
      216.0000 -  224.9950 MHz                NFM                 5.0 kHz
      225.0000 -  399.9875 MHz                AM                 12.5 kHz
      400.0000 -  511.9875 MHz                NFM                12.5 kHz
      517.7500 -  805.7500 MHz                WFM                 6.0 MHz
      806.0000 -  823.9375 MHz                NFM                12.5 kHz
      851.0000 -  868.9375 MHz                NFM                12.5 kHz
      896.1125 - 1300.0000 MHz                NFM                12.5 kHz

The following Weather Service channels are preprogrammed into your scanner.

      162.4000 MHz (NFM)
      162.4250 MHz (NFM)
      162.4500 MHz (NFM)
      162.4750 MHz (NFM)
      162.5000 MHz (NFM)
      162.5250 MHz (NFM)
      162.5500 MHz (NFM)


Your scanner might cause radio or TV interference even when it is operating
properly.  To determine if your scanner is causing the interference, turn 
off your scanner.  If the interference goes away, your scanner was causing
it.  Try to eliminate the interference by:

    Moving your scanner away from the receiver

    Connecting your scanner to an outlet that is on a different electrical
    circuit from the receiver

    Contacting your local Radio Shack store for help

If you cannot eliminate the interference, the FCC requires that you stop
using your scanner.

NOTE:  Mobile use of this scanner is unlawful or requires a permit in some
       areas.  Check the laws in your area.

This device complies with Part 15 of FCC Rules.  Operation is subject to
the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful
interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received,
including interference that may cause undesired operation.


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