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Citizens Band Walkie-Talkies
RadioShack 7 Transistor Citizen Band Receiver 210-0102
RadioShack 3 Channel Citizens Band Transceiver 210-0131
RadioShack Voice Activated FM Transceiver 210-0403
Realistic TRC-90 210-1612
Realistic TRC-91 210-1613
RadioShack TRC-92 1-Channel Walkie-Talkie 210-1614
RadioShack TRC-92 1-Channel Walkie-Talkie 210-1614A
RadioShack TRC-93 3-Channel Walkie-Talkie 210-1615
RadioShack TRC-235 3-Channel CB Walkie-Talkie 210-1620
RadioShack TRC-239 40-Channel, 4-Watt CB Walkie-Talkie 210-1628
RadioShack TRC-219 210-1639
RadioShack TRC-223 2-Watt 3-Channel CB Transceiver 210-1641
RadioShack TRC-224 3-Watt 3-Channel CB Transceiver 210-1642
RadioShack TRC-217 210-1644
RadioShack TRC-207 210-1645
RadioShack TRC-222 5-Watt 40-Channel Walkie-Talkie 210-1646
RadioShack TRC-222 5-Watt 40-Channel Walkie-Talkie 210-1646A
RadioShack TRC-225 210-1647
RadioShack TRC-236 40-Channel 5-Watt CB Walkie Talkie 210-1649
RadioShack TRC-237 40-Channel 5-Watt CB Walkie Talkie 210-1650
RadioShack TRC-211 Walkie Talkie 210-1652
RadioShack TRC-221 210-1664
Realistic TRC-226 210-1665
RadioShack TRC-230 210-1668
RadioShack TRC-238 Sports CB Walkie-Talkie 210-1670A
RadioShack TRC-232 210-1672
RadioShack TRC-231 5-Watt 40-Channel Walkie-Talkie 210-1675
RadioShack TRC-234 5-Watt 40-Channel Walkie-Talkie 210-1678
RadioShack Compact Deluxe CB Walkie-Talkie w/Digital Weather Alert 210-1679

Citizens Band Mobile/Base Station Radios
Realistic TRC-55 210-0151
RadioShack TRC-409 210-1500
RadioShack TRC-418 210-1511
RadioShack TRC-423 210-1513
RadioShack TRC-430 210-1514
Realistic TRC-435 40-Channel AM CB Radio 210-1518
Realistic TRC-479 210-1519
Realistic TRC-424 210-1522
RadioShack TRC-462 CB PLL 40 Channel Mobile Transceiver 210-1528
RadioShack TRC-431 210-1544
RadioShack TRC-432 210-1546
Realistic TRC-492 210-1549
Realistic TRC-481 210-1550
Realistic TRC-482 210-1551
Realistic TRC-438 210-1552
Realistic TRC-437 210-1553
RadioShack TRC-464 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio 210-1554
RadioShack TRC-484 210-1556
RadioShack TRC-483 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio 210-1557
RadioShack TRC-463 210-1558
Realistic TRC-460 210-1559
RadioShack TRC-451 210-1565
Realistic TRC-465 40-Channel AM/SSB CB Radio 210-1567
PRO-501XL CB 210-1569
RadioShack TRC-443 210-1571
RadioShack TRC-444 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio 210-1572
RadioShack TRC-444 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio 210-1572A
RadioShack TRC-445 Deluxe 40-Channel Mobile CB Radio With Weather Alert 210-1573
RadioShack TRC-446 Deluxe 4 Watt 40-Chan. Mobile CB Radio 210-1574
RadioShack Deluxe Chrome-Faced 40-Channel Mobile CB 210-1576
RadioShack TRC-485 210-1577
RadioShack TRC-495 210-1579
Realistic TRC-457 AM/SSB CB Transceiver 210-1580
Realistic TRC-458 AM/SSB CB Transceiver 210-1581
Realistic TRC-459 AM SSB CB Transceiver 210-1582
Realistic TRC-490 AM/SSB CB Transceiver 210-1583
RadioShack TRC-488 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio 210-1585
RadioShack TRC-442 Full-Power 40-Channel Mobile CB Radio 210-1586
RadioShack TRC-401 Portable Emergency CB Radio 210-1588
RadioShack 40 Channel Emergency CB Weatheradio 210-1589
RadioShack TRC-493 210-1590
RadioShack TRC-487 Mobile CB Radio 210-1594
RadioShack TRC-496 40 Channel 2-Way CB Radio 210-1597
RadioShack TRC-493 40-Channel CB Mobile Transceiver w/Digital Signal Proces 210-1598
RadioShack TRC-499 40 Chaannel 2-Way CB Radio 210-1599
RadioShack TRC-501 210-1701
RadioShack TRC-502 40-Channel Mini Mobile CB Radio 210-1702
RadioShack TRC-502 40-Channel Mini Mobile CB Radio 210-1702A
RadioShack TRC-503 40-Channel Mobile CB Radio 210-1703
RadioShack TRC-503 40-Channel Mobile CB Radio 210-1703A
RadioShack TRC-504 40CH Mobile CB Radio W/ On-Mic Channel Selector 210-1704
RadioShack TRC-511 40-Channel Mini-Mobile CB Radio 210-1705
RadioShack 40 Channel Mobile CB with Digital Compass 210-1706
RadioShack TRC-519 40-Channel Mobile CB Radio w/WX Alert and SAME 210-1709
RadioShack Moblie CD w/Compass, Dual Watch & Digital Weather Alert 210-1710
RadioShack TRC521 CB Radio 210-1711

CB Accessories
RadioShack Communications Headset with VOX 190-0312
RadioShack Handheld Speaker/Microphone 190-0314
RadioShack In-Ear Phone Communications Headset 190-0316
RadioShack VHF/UHF Grnd Plane Monitor Antenna 200-0176
RadioShack Light Weight Mono Headphones 200-0210A
RadioShack PRO-100 Communications Headset 200-0282
RadioShack Dummy Load (Coaxial Termination) 210-0506J
Micronta Field Strength and Standing Wave Ratio Meter 210-0523
Micronta SWR/Power Meter 210-0524
Micronta Field Strength and SWR Tester 210-0525
Micronta Field Strength Standing Wave Ratio Meter 210-0525B
RadioShack Digital SWR/Power Meter 210-0527
RadioShack CB/Ham Field-Strength SWR Meter 210-0533
RadioShack CB/High-Frequency Ham Power SWR Meter 210-0534
RadioShack Hump Mount 210-0540
RadioShack CB Amplified Extension Speaker 210-0541
RadioShack DSP Noise Reduction System 210-0543
RadioShack CB Extension Speaker 210-0549
RadioShack CB Transceiver Mount 210-0566
"Cellular Look-Alike" CB Antenna 210-0802
RadioShack 102" Stainless Steel Whip Antenna 210-0903
RadioShack 02" Fiberglass Whip Antenna 210-0905
RadioShack Mobile Roof Top Antenna 210-0906
RadioShack CB Antenna 210-0909
RadioShack Snap in Roof Mount Antenna 210-0914
RadioShack Back of Set CB Antenna 210-0921
RadioShack Crossbow III 3-Element Beam CB Antenna 210-0933
RadioShack 48" Fiber Glass Whip Antenna 210-0934
RadioShack Single Trucker Antenna 210-0939
RadioShack Single Trucker Fiberglass Mirror Mount Antenna 210-0939A
RadioShack Magnetic Mount Mobile Antenna 210-0940
RadioShack Single Trucker II Mirror Mnt Antenna 210-0941
RadioShack Twin Truckers Dual Fiberglass Antennas 210-0945
RadioShack Foldover Gutter Antenna 210-0947
RadioShack Magnetic Mount CB Antenna 210-0960
RadioShack CB Antenna Feedthrough/Adapter 210-0961
Crossbow CB Base Station Antenna 210-0967
Crossbow 1/4 Wave 210-0968
RadioShack CB/Ham Radio Base Station Antenna 210-0969
RadioShack Tunable Single Trucker CB Antenna 210-0973
RadioShack CB Fiberglass Whip Antenna 210-0974
RadioShack CB Fiberglass Whip Antenna 210-0976
RadioShack No Ground CB RV/Marine Antenna 210-0977
RadioShack Flexable Walkie-Talkie Antenna 210-0980
RadioShack CB 27 Glass Mount CB Antenna 210-0985
RadioShack Disguised CB AM/FM Antenna 210-0990
RadioShack Cellular Type Antenna 210-0991
RadioShack Cellular Look Alike CB Antenna 210-0993
RadioShack Cellular Look Allike CB Antenna 210-0995
RadioShack 5/8 Wave Ground Plane Antenna 210-1133
RadioShack Dynamic Microphone 210-1172C
RadioShack FET-Amplified Dynamic Microphone for Base Station CB 210-1173
RadioShack Hand Held Noise Cancelling Microphone 210-1175
RadioShack Noise-Cancelling Dynamic CB Microphone 210-1177
RadioShack CB RV/Marine Antenna 270-0977

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