iCam 320 Desktop Video Camera
250-3006                 Bundled Software             Faxback # 65222

The iCam 320 comes with a single CD.  The CD contains the TWAIN drivers for 
the iCam, as well as the following programs:

	iCam 320 Launcher
	Presto! Image Folio LE 4.1
	Presto! VideoWorks 4.2
	Presto! Mr. Photo 1.5
	Ulead PhotoExplorer 6.0
	Adobe PDF Reader 3.01
	Microsoft IE 5.0

The Presto! packages are supported by NewSoft:


NewSoft product support information is available at:

Ulead PhotoExplorer is supported by Ulead:

	(310) 896-6391	Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm PST

(TLC 06/08/2001)

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