High Power AM/FM   (120-1996)     Optional Equipment    Faxback Doc. # 6970
Stereo Car
Cassette Player


This stereo has preamp outputs (Phono connectors) for low-noise connection
to an equalizer/booster, power amplifier, or other device that has line
level inputs.

To ensure a low-noise connection, connect a ground wire between this
stereo and the additional component.

Connecting a Compact Disc Player

You can connect a portable CD player (or other audio component with a
line-level output) to the stereo.

Use a stereo mini-jack cable with 1/8-inch plugs, such as Cat. No.
420-2387.  Connect the cable to the stereo's CD jack and to the output
jack of the CD player or other component.

Note:  When you plug a cable into the stereo's CD jack, you will not be
       able to listen to the radio or a cassette tape.  Be sure you
       disconnect the CD player when you are not using it.

Mounting the CD Jack

1.  Select a mounting location with a flat surface.

2.  Place the jack on the mounting surface and mark the location of the
    four screw holes.

3.  Drill pilot holes in the mounting surface.  Take care not to drill
    into any mechanical or electrical components behind the mounting

4.  Mount the CD jack and secure it to the mounting surface with the four
    supplied screws.


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