MPA-95  (320-2036)              Features                Faxback Doc. # 8762

The new Realistic MPA-95 100-watt PA Amplifier gives you the power and
versatility you need in a professional sound system.  The amplifier's wide
frequency response makes it suitable for music and voice.  You can use it
for live bands, office paging systems, public announcements, or anything
else that requires great sound.

The amplifier also includes the following features:

Four Microphone Inputs - Lets you use microphone cords with balanced XLR
                         connectors or unbalanced 1/4-inch plugs for greater

High-Level Auxiliary Input - Lets you connect a CD player, tape deck, 
                             tuner, or VCR.

Phono Input - Lets you connect a magnetic cartridge turntable.

Feedback Filter - Lets you control audio feedback.

Equalizer/Bypass Jacks - Lets you connect an equalizer, reverb unit, 
                         or other sound-customing device.

Mix Bus Jack - Lets you add a second PA amplifier to expand your system.

70-Volt Line Output - Lets you connect line transformers for a multiple
                      speaker PA system.

Five Individual Source Mixing Controls - Lets you mix all connected sound
                                         sources at the same time.

Clipping Indicator - Shows you when a sound source signal exceeds its 
                     mixing control setting.

Overload Protection - Automatically interrupts the amplifier's power if 
                      the amplifier gets too hot because of a power 

Before you make any connections, be sure the POWER switch is in the out
position and the AC power cord is not plugged in.


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