CD-7100  (420-5040)          Features                   Faxback Doc. # 8484

Your Optimus CD-7100 Compact Disc Automatic Changer is the next step in CD
change technology.  It includes a changer that lets you load up to six CDs.
This lets you select more music for continuous play and gives you more
musical variety without your having to continually remove and load CDs.

The CD-7100's advanced design makes the Cd changer simple to operate.  Be
sure to pay attention to the "Special Features" section of this manual so
you can understand and take advantage of everything the CD-7100 can do.

Lets you load up to six CDs for continuous or programmed play.

Lets you program up to 32 selections from as many as six CDs to play in any
order you choose.

Lets you label each magazine with the type of music loaded in the magazine,
and have the label appear on the CD changer's display.

Helps you locate a particular section of the music by playing the CD
rapidly in either direction.

Lets you easily locate and play any track on a CD.

Helps you locate a desired CD or track by playing 10 seconds from the first
track of each CD, or 10 seconds from each track on all CDs.

Automatically repeats a single track, an entire CD, multiple CDs, or a
series of programmed tracks.

Randomly selects and plays tracks on loaded CDs.

Remembers which CD it was playing when you turned it off and begins playing
from the first track of that CD when you turn it back on.

Lets you skip tracks or CDs you do not want to play.

Sets the output level of each CD to either optimum level for best playback
and recording.

Automatically edits the selections on a CD into two programs that fit on
each side of a cassette tape.

Fades out after playing for a set period of time.

Lets you synchronize recording when you connect the CD changer to a
compatible cassette deck.


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