MPA-250 250-Watt Stereo Public Address Amplifier
(320-2004)                 Features                   Faxback Doc. # 51679

Your Optimus MPA-250 250-Watt Stereo Public Address Amplifier gives you 
the versatility and power you need in a professional sound system.  Its 
wide frequency response easily handles amplification of voice and music.  
Use it in meeting halls and auditoriums, at sports events, in schools, and 
in the office for paging systems - anywhere you need to deliver special 
announcements with excellent sound.

The amplifier (if bridged) produces up to 350 watts of clean, powerful 
sound with minimum distortion.

Your amplifier includes these features:

                            10-50,000 Hz Frequency Response

     Built-In Cooling Fan - helps protect the amplifier by reducing its
                            internal temperature.

     Two Mounting Options - you can mount the amplifier in a standard
                            sized audio equipment rack or on a desk,
                            shelf, or table.

      2 lighted VU Meters - measure the amplifier's output for each
                            channel in decibels.

    Left and Right Output - lets you adjust the overall sound level on the
      Level Gain Controls   left and right channels.

       Clipping Indicator - lights if a sound source signal overdrives the

              Phones Jack - lets you connect headphones so you can listen

      Bridging Capability - you can combine the amplifier's two channels
                            and use the amplifier with only one channel,
                            producing a total of 350 watts.

Meter Range Select Switch - lets you control the meter's sensitivity.

              Input Jacks - lets you connect a variety of audio input
                            sources for music and special effects.

     A/B SPEAKER Switches - lets you select the speakers you want to use
                            with the amplifier.

       STEREO/MONO Switch - lets you select the output type; stereo or
                            mono (bridged).

   Binding Post Terminals - lets you easily connect wires directly to the

       Switched AC Outlet - lets you power other devices by plugging them
                            into the back of the amplifier.

Read this manual carefully.  It describes various speaker connections to 
help you select the best arrangement for your amplifier and connected 
equipment, and explains how to use the amplifier.

We recommend you record your amplifier's serial number here.  The number 
is on the back panel.

Serial Number: _____________________________

WARNING:  To reduce the risk of fire or shock hazard, do not expose this
          product to rain or moisture.

CAUTION:  To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover or
          back.  No user-serviceable parts inside.  Refer servicing to
          qualified personnel.

(EB 3/4/99)

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