STAV-3580 Digital Synthesized Audio/Video Surround Receiver
(310-3037)                 Troubleshooting            Faxback Doc. # 34929

If the receiver is not working as it should, the following suggestions might 
help.  If you follow the suggestions in this cart and the receiver still 
does not work properly, contact your local Radio Shack store for assistance.

Problem                Cause                  Solution

Power does not turn    Power cord is dis-     Plug in the power.
on.                    connected.

                       Protection circuit is  Unplug the power cord, then
                       activated.             plug it in again.

The receiver does not  Static discharge has   Unplug the power cord, then
respond to button      affected control.      plug it in again.

No sound.              Incorrect connections. Check and correct the connec-

                       The mute function is   Press MUTING.

                       The volume is turned   Turn up the volume.

                       Speaker wires are      Connect the speaker wires.

                       Neither set of speak-  Press in SPEAKERS A or B.
                       ers is selected.

No picture when you    The selected video     Correct the problem with the
select a video source. source is not set      selected video source.

                       Incorrect connections. Correct the connections.

High noise level.      Station not correctly. Tune to a stronger station.

                       Antenna not connected. Connect the antenna.

                       FM antenna still       Stretch both ends of the
                       coiled or is not       antenna taut and reposition the
                       pointing in the        antenna.
                       correct direction.

                       AM loop antenna not    Adjust the AM loop antenna.
                       pointing in the
                       correct direction.

                       Noise is coming from   Try using an AC line noise
                       another electrical     filter to reduce the noise.

Tuning does not auto-  Stations are too weak. Use a better antenna.
matically stop when
searching for FM 

Cannot make copies of  Tapes are protected    You cannot make a good copy.
video tapes.           by a copy restriction 

                       Video connections are  Check and correct the connec-
                       incorrect.             tions.

Returning Controls to Factory Defaults

Press RETURN to return the controls to the following settings.

Tape 2 Monitor         Off

Source                 TUNER

Speakers A             On

Band                   FM or AM (Set to the last-tuned frequency.  If the 
                       receiver cannot receive the frequency, it starts 
                       searching for the next strong station.)

Surround Mode          Off

Muting                 Off

Super Bass             Off

(BR/EB 9/27/96)

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