STAV-3580 Digital Synthesized Audio/Video Surround Receiver
(310-3037)                 Operation, Remote          Faxback Doc. # 34928

Using One Remote Control for More than One Unit

NOTE:  When you plug the cable into a component's CONTROL IN jack, that
       component's remote sensor does not function.

If you also have an Optimus professional series CD player, VCR, or cassette
deck with the OSR mark, you can connect its CONTROL IN jack to the receiver
so you can control all of your equipment with a single remote control. You
can also use the other component's remote control by pointing it at the
receiver's front panel.

1.  Connect each component to the receiver as shown in "Connecting Program
    Sources" on Faxback Doc. # 34922, Fig. A.

2.  Connect the cable supplied with the CD player, VCR, or cassette deck
    between the receiver's CONTROL OUT jack and the other component's
    CONTROL IN jack.

3.  When you want to control more than one other component using the
    receiver's remote control, daisy-chain the CONTROL OUT and CONTROL IN
    connections as shown.

Installing the Remote Control's Batteries

CAUTIONS:  Use only fresh batteries of the recommended size and type.

           Always remove old or weak batteries. Batteries can leak chemicals
           that can damage electronic circuits.

NOTE:  If the remote's range is reduced, replace the batteries immediately.

The remote control uses two AA batteries (not included).  For the longest
battery life, we recommend Radio Shack's alkaline batteries (Cat. No.

1.  Press and open the battery compartment cover.

2.  Place two fresh AA batteries in the compartment as indicated by the
    polarity symbols (+ and -) marked in the compartment.

3.  Replace the battery compartment cover.

Using the Control

The remote control works up to a distance of about 23 feet, and within a 30-
degree angle on either side of the receiver.  Point the control at the
receiver's front panel and press the desired button(s).

Many buttons on the remote control work the same as buttons on the
receiver's front panel.  Use these buttons exactly as you would use the
corresponding buttons on the receiver.


The remote control can also control other compatible audio/video components
when you connect them to the receiver's CONTROL OUT jack.  Set the switch
to AUDIO to control audio components such as CD players or cassette decks.
Set the switch to VCR to control video components such as a VCR.

When you set the switch to VCR, dual-function buttons control the function
marked in gold next to the button.  For example, the button marked CENTER
MODE and TEST TONE operates as the center mode adjust when you set the
switch to AUDIO and as the test tone function when you set the switch to

Receiver/Amplifier Section

FUNCTION           Selects a program source (VCR/Tape 1, LD, CD, tuner, or
                   phono).  Repeatedly press FUNCTION until the display
                   shows your desired program source.

- MASTER VOLUME +  Adjusts the system's volume.

CENTER MODE        Selects among the three center mode settings with AUDIO/
                   VCR set to AUDIO.

- REAR +           Controls the relative volume of the rear speakers with
                   AUDIO VCR set to VCR.

TEST TONE          Sounds test tones from each speaker with AUDIO/VCR set
                   to VCR.

DELAY TIME         Sets the rear-channel delay for Dolby Pro-Logic Surround 
                   and Simulated Surround programs with AUDIO/VCR set to VCR.

SURR MODE          Selects between Dolby Pro-Logic Surround or Simulated
                   Surround sound.

SLEEP              Sets the receiver to turn off after 90, 60, or 30 minutes 
                   with AUDIO/VCR set to AUDIO.  To start the timer, repeat-
                   edly press SLEEP until the desired turn-off time (90, 60, 
                   or 30) appears.  To cancel the timer, repeatedly press 
                   SLEEP until the sleep time disappears from the display.

RECEIVER POWER     Turns the receiver on and off.

RETURN             Returns the receiver to its default settings.

3CH LOGIC          Selects Dolby 3CH Logic.

TAPE 2 MONITOR     Switches the receiver to monitor the source connected to 
                   the TAPE 2 MONITOR jacks.

MUTING             Silences the receiver.  Press again to restore the sound 
                   to its previous level.

- TUNING +         Tunes to radio stations with AUDIO/VCR set to AUDIO.

                   MANUAL TUNING: Press once to select the next higher or 
                   lower frequency.  Or, press and hold down to rapidly 
                   change frequencies.

                   AUTOMATIC TUNING:  To search for the next higher or lower 
                   station, release + TUNING - when the frequency starts to 
                   change.  The receiver searches up or down the band until 
                   it finds a strong station.

- STATION +        Press to move the next higher or lower memory location
                   with AUDIO/VCR set to AUDIO.

CD Player Section

CD POWER           Turns the CD player on and off (only for CD players
                   having the CONTROL IN/OUT feature).

|<< and >>|        Returns to the beginning of the current track or advances 
                   to the next track.

- DISC SELECT +    Selects discs in a multi-play CD changer.

                   NOTE:  DISC SELECT does not work with all CD players.

>                  Plays the CD.

[]                 Stops playback.

Tape/VCR Section

Before operation:

    Set AUDIO/VCR to AUDIO for a cassette deck or to VCR for a VCR.

    For a cassette deck, select TAPE 2 MONITOR or VCR/TAPE 1.

    For a dual cassette deck, select DECK 1 or DECK 2. If you use a single 
    cassette deck, press DECK 2.

>                  Press to start normal play.

<                  Press to play the reverse side of an auto-reverse
                   cassette deck.

||                 Press to cancel the current function.

<< and >>          For a cassette deck, lets you quickly locate and play the 
                   beginning of recorded material during play.

                   When the tape is stopped, lets you rapidly search forward 
                   or backward to locate a specific section of the tape.

                   For a VCR, lets you rapidly view a tape either forward or 

DECK 1/ DECK 2     Selects Deck 1 or Deck 2 when you use a dual cassette
                   deck with AUDIO/VCR set to AUDIO.

TAPE POWER         Turns on the connected VCR with AUDIO/VCR set to VCR;
                   Turns on the cassette deck with AUDIO/VCR set to AUDIO.

- VCR CH +         Moves to the next higher or lower channel with AUDIO/VCR 
                   set to VCR.

TV/VCR             Selects between normal TV viewing and VCR input with

TAPE SELECT        Selects cassette 1 to 6 for a multi-cassette changer.

(BR/EB 9/27/96)

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