STA-82  44-Watt AM/FM Stereo Receiver with Quatravox
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Your new STA-82 is a highly versatile AM/FM Stereo Receiver which delivers
enough power to drive almost any speaker system.  The "honest" 22 watts per
channel over the entire audio bandwidth will drive both "main" and "remote"
speakers.  And it has the performance and convenience features that
distinguish a truly great receiver.

   Built-in Quatravox synthesizes 4-channel sound from ordinary stereo
   sources. Whenever you're ready, just add a second set of stereo speakers
   for the rear channels.  It's the best of both worlds - stereo and 4

   With the FM tuner, the specifications tell the story.  There's an FET
   front-end for excellent sensitivity and reduced noise.  When you tune,
   muting eliminates interstation hiss.

   Our exclusive Auto-Magic dramatically simplifies FM tuning.  when you
   touch the tuning knob, it lets you dial stations easily.  Then as you
   release the knob, Auto-Magic fine-tunes the station and locks it in for
   drift-free listening.

   The wideband tuner provides maximum AM fidelity.

And there are a lot of "little things" that show you how carefully we
designed the STA-82. Things like easy-to-use Glide Path volume controls and
a separate push-button power switch so you don't have to reset the volume
every time you turn the receiver on.

At Radio Shack we also believe a receiver should look as good as it sounds.
So we built the STA-82 with a blackout dial and a dial pointer that changes
from yellow to red to indicate stereo broadcasts.  Like every Realistic
component, the STA-82 comes with a beautiful oiled walnut case - and it
doesn't cost you a penny extra.

GUARANTEE:  The Realistic guarantee is stated on the Guarantee Card packed
with the receiver.  It is in effect from coast-to-coast and in Alaska.  At
any time, Realistic equipment will be restored to new condition with
original parts with MINIMUM delay anywhere in the U.S.A., usually right in
your own neighborhood.  In 98% of the cases, it is NOT necessary to return
Realistic components to one of our Laboratories.

NOTE:  Before operating your STA-82 for the first time, please read these
       documents carefully.  It will tell you how to connect your receiver
       and how to get the most enjoyment from your system.


Chooses one of five input positions:

AUX - For any high-output source - a second tuner, a crystal or ceramic
      phono cartridge, a second tape deck, TV, Ham radio, etc.

PHONO - For any turntable equipped with a magnetic cartridge.

FM - Activates the built-in FM tuner.

FM MUTING - Activates the built-in FM tuner and eliminates interstation

AM - Activates the built-in wideband AM tuner.


When pressed in, switches the amplifier and tuner from stereo to monaural
operation.  In the out position, the amplifier operates in stereo and the
FM tuner automatically switches to stereo when there is a stereo signal.


Push in to play tapes or to monitor a tape as it is being recorded.


When pressed in, minimizes hiss, scratches and other high-frequency noise.


With the button out, the AUTO-MAGIC beacon on the tuning dial lights and
special circuitry simplifies FM tuning.  When pressed in, FM tuning is


Accepts any pair of low impedance stereo headphones.  The jack is always


With button out, boosts high and low frequencies to compensate for the
ear's reduced sensitivity to bass and treble at low volume.  Radio Shack's
exclusive Perfect Loudness adds just the right amount of compensation at
every listening level.  Pressing the button in removes the compensation.


OUT - Turns all speakers off for private headphone listening
A - Connects main speakers only
B - Connects remote speakers only
A+B - Connects main and remote speakers
QUATRAVOX - Synthesizes 4-channel sound.  "A" speakers become front
channels, "B" speakers are rear.


Controls low frequencies.  At the center position, it does not effect the
sound.  Turn clockwise to boost bass response, counterclockwise to
de-emphasize the low frequencies.


Controls high frequencies.  At the center position, it does not effect the
sound.  Turn clockwise to boost treble response, counterclockwise to
de-emphasize the high frequencies.


Turns the receiver on when pushed in - off when pushed a second time.


Adjusts volume and balance.

Tuning Knob

Tunes AM and FM stations. In the Auto-Magic mode, touching the knob changes
the TUNING meter light from green to white and permits easy station


Indicates the relative strength of FM and AM signals.  Tune for the highest

Dial Pointer

Lights yellow when listening to AM or FM.  The pointer turns red when the
STEREO/MONO button is out and there is an FM stereo signal.


Lights when listening to FM with AUTO-Magic button pressed in.

Blackout Dial

Lights whenever the receiver's power is on.


1.  UNSWITCHED Convenience Outlet - Powers any audio accessory up to 200
    watts.  The front panel POWER switch does not effect this receptacle.

2.  AC CORD - Supplies the receiver's power.  Plug the cord into any 120
    VAC, 60 Hz outlet (220/240 VAC, 50 Hz power where the sets are so
    marked in the rear for European and Australian models.)

3.  POWER FUSE - Protects the receiver from voltage surges, short circuits
    and other abnormal operating conditions.  If the dial light does not go
    on when POWER is pressed, check the fuse.  If it is blown, replace it
    with an identical size and value.

4.  "B" SPEAKERS - Powers remote/rear speakers.

5.  "A" SPEAKERS Phono Jacks - Connects to speakers with phono jack

    NOTE:  Use either phono jacks or screw terminals for A speakers, not

6.  "A" SPEAKERS Screw Terminals - Powers main/front speakers which do not
    have phono jacks connectors.

    NOTE:  Use either phone jack or screw terminals for "A" speakers, not

7.  TAPE IN - Accepts output from any tape deck or recorder for tape

8.  TAPE OUT - Permits tape recording any source chosen by the SELECTOR.
    The output from these jacks is uneffected by the front panel controls.

9.  AUX - Accepts output from any high-level source - a second tape deck or
    tuner, a ceramic or crystal phono cartridge, etc.

10. PHONO MAG - Accepts output from any turntable equipped with a magnetic

11. PHONE GND - Accepts the green or black ground wire found on most
    turntables.  Making this "ground" connection reduces or eliminates hum.

12. FM Linecord Antenna - Connects to 300 Ohm FM screw terminal to provide
    FM reception in most metropolitan areas.  Remove the linecord antenna
    when attaching an external FM antenna.

13. FM ANTenna 300 Ohm - Connects to antennas using standard 300-Ohm

14. FM ANTenna 75 Ohm - Connects to antennas using 75-Ohm coaxial lead-in.
    Coaxial cable provides extremely high resistance to static and other

15. AM ANTenna - Connects to external AM/shortwave antenna for long
    distance AM reception.  In most areas the built-in antenna will provide
    excellent reception.

(SP/EB 5/22/96)

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