PRO-301  (330-3001)              Features              Faxback Doc. # 15992

The Radio Shack Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone is a high-quality
unidirectional microphone that provides the performance you need for your
PA or recording system.  Its directional pickup pattern allows greater
distances between the microphone and the sound source, while reducing
unwanted sounds and feedback.

Its other features include:

         Wire-Mesh Windscreen - cuts down on wind noise and breath pops.

       Built-In ON/OFF Switch - for convenient control of the microphone.

           XLR-Type Connector - for balanced low-impedance applications.

Non-slip "Shure-Grip" Rubbery - makes the PRO-301 easy to hold onto, even
Mic Body Texture                under hot and humid conditions.


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