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PA Systems
RadioShack 8-Channel 170 MHz Portable Wireless PA System 320-1245
Optimus MPA-40 20-Watt PA Amplifier 320-2001
Optimus MPA-50 40-Watt PA Amplifier 320-2002
RadioShack MPA-125 100W P.A. Amplifier 320-2003
RadioShack MPA-250-Watt Stereo Public Address Amplifier 320-2004
RadioShack Portable Voice Amplifier 320-2015
RadioShack MPA-100 Public-Address Amplifier 320-2023
RadioShack MPA-90 Solid-State Public-Address Amplifier 320-2024
Realistic MPA-90 Solid-State Public-Address Amplifier 320-2024A
Realistic MPA-30 20-Watt Public-Address Amplifier 320-2034
Realistic MPA-45 Public-Address Amplifier 320-2035
Realistic MPA-95 100-Watt Public-Address Amplifier 320-2036
RadioShack MPA-101 100-Watt PA Amplifier 320-2039
RadioShack 20 Watt AC/Mobile PA Amplifier 320-2041
RadioShack MPA-46 35 Watt PA Amplfier 320-2042
Optimus MPS-45 10-Watt PA Amp/Speaker 320-2045
RadioShack MPS-50 50 Watt Speaker/Amplifier 320-2046
RadioShack 40-Watt PA Amplifier 320-2054
RadioShack MPA-200 Stereo PA Amplifier 320-3003

RadioShack FM Wireless Microphone 320-1221
RadioShack FM Wireless Microphone 320-1221B
RadioShack Wireless Microphone System 320-1221C
Optimus 2-Channel 170MHz Wireless FM Microphone 320-1222
Realistic FM Wireless Microphone 320-1224
Realistic Wireless Video Microphone 320-1226
RadioShack 170 MHz Wireless Microphone 320-1227
RadioShack Wireless Microphone 320-1229
RadioShack Multi-Channel Wireless Microphone 320-1230
RadioShack Multi-Channel Professional Wireless Microphone 320-1230A
RadioShack Multi-Channel Professional Wireless Microphone 320-1230B
RadioShack Multi-Channel Wireless Lapel Microphone 320-1231
RadioShack Multi-Channel Professional Wireless Lapel Microphone 320-1231A
RadioShack 8-Channel 900 MHz Wireless Microphone Receiver 320-1250
RadioShack 8-Channel 900 MHz Wireless Microphone 320-1251
RadioShack 8-Channel 900 MHz Wireless Audio-Link Transmitter 320-1252
Realistic Highball Dynamic Microphone 330-0984
RadioShack Highball 2 Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-0985F
RadioShack Highball 7 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-0986
RadioShack MC-1000 Dynamic Microphone 330-0990
RadioShack Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone 330-0992
RadioShack Tie-Clip Omnidirectional Microphone 330-1052
RadioShack Omni Electret Omnidirectional Microphone 330-1060
Realistic Stereo Electret Condenser Microphone 330-1065
RadioShack Budget Dynamic Microphone 330-1067
Realistic Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-1070
RadioShack Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-1070C
Realistic Cardioid Dynamic Microphone 330-1073A
Realistic FM Wireless Microphone 330-1076
RadioShack Pressure Zone Microphone 330-1080
RadioShack Omnidirectional Microphone 330-1089
Realistic PZM Microphone 330-1090
RadioShack Pressure Zone Microphone 330-1090A
RadioShack Cassette Replacement Microphone 330-2001
RadioShack PRO-301 Unidirectional PA Microphone 330-3001
RadioShack Uni-Directional Dynamic Microphone 330-3001A
RadioShack PRO-302 Vocal Microphone 330-3002
RadioShack Ultra Miniature Tie Clip Microphone 330-3003
RadioShack Pro-3004 Vocal Dynamic Microphone 330-3004
RadioShack Pro-3005 Microphone 330-3005
RadioShack Electret Condenser Microphone 330-3007
RadioShack OmniDirectional Microphone 330-3008
RadioShack UniDirectional Microphone 330-3009
RadioShack Pro-3010 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-3010
RadioShack Flexible Gooseneck Dynamic Microphone 330-3011
RadioShack Lightweight Headset Microphone 330-3012
Optimus Ultra-Miniature Tie-Clip Microphone 330-3013
RRadioShack Electret Condenser Microphone 330-3014
Optimus Unidirectional Condenser Microphone 330-3017
RadioShack Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-3018
Optimus Omnidirectional Boundary Microphone 330-3020
RadioShack Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-3021
Optimus Omnidirectional Boundary Microphone 330-3022
Optimus Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-3023
RadioShack Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-3024
RadioShack Desktop Computer Microphone 330-3025
RadioShack Pro Unidirectional Highball Microphone 330-3027
RadioShack Stereo Hands Free Tie Pin Microphone 330-3028
RadioShack Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone 330-3030
RadioShack Noise Canceling Desktop Computer Microphone 330-3031
RadioShack Professional Instrument Dynamic Microphone 330-3032
RadioShack Wrap Around Noise Canceling Computer Microphone 330-3033

Audio Mixers
RadioShack DS-1101A Stereo Mixer 320-1101A
Realistic 4 -Channel Mixer 320-1105
RadioShack 4 Channel Stereo Microphone Mixer 320-1106
RadioShack Public Address Electronic Reverb Control 320-1107
Realistic Public-Address Electronic Reverb Control 320-1110A
RadioShack Public Address Electronic Reverb Control 320-1110B
Realistic Stereo Mixer 320-1200
RadioShack SSM-100 6 Channel Mixer w/Equalizer 320-1212
RadioShack SSM-50 4 Channel Mixer 320-1213
RadioShack SSM-60 4 Channel Mixer 320-1214
RadioShack 4 Channel Stereo Mixer 320-1218
RadioShack SSM-1000 Audio Mixer with Echo 320-3001
RadioShack SSM-1200 Stereo Mixer with 7 Band Equalizer 320-3002
RadioShack MX-1000 6-Channel Microphone/Mixer 320-3004
RadioShack SSM-50 2-Channel Stereo DJ Mixer 320-3005
RadioShack SSM-1750 4-Channel Stereo Audio Mixer 320-3008
Optimus 3-Channel Stereo Audio Mixer 320-3009
RadioShack 3-Channel Stereo Mixer 320-3012
RadioShack Stereo Reverb System 420-2108

RadioShack Musical Powerhorn 320-2037
RadioShack 10 Watt Powerhorn 320-2038
RadioShack 10-Watt Powerhorn with Handheld Microphone 320-2038A
RadioShack S-26 Speaker Stand 320-3050
RadioShack 8" Wall Mount Baffle Public Address Speaker 400-0219
RadioShack 8" Wall Mount Baffle Public Address Speaker 400-0219B
RadioShack Powerhorn Speaker 400-1235
RadioShack 5" Powerhorn Public Address Speaker 400-1236A
RadioShack 5" Powerhorn Speaker 400-1236D
RadioShack 8" Powerhorn Speaker 400-1239A
Realistic PA-88 Speaker 400-1257
Realistic Super Powerhorn 400-1307
RadioShack Dual Radial Horn 400-1377
RadioShack Public Address 100 Speakers 400-1412A
Realistic PA-96 Public Address Speaker 400-1413
RadioShack 8" Wall Baffle Public Address Speaker 400-1414
RadioShack Public Address-115 15" 2-Way Speaker 400-1415
RadioShack Public Address-110 Speaker 400-1416
RadioShack 8" Wall Baffle Public Address Speaker 400-1418
RadioShack Loudspeaker System 400-4031

RadioShack 10 Watt 70 Volt Audio Transformer 320-1031
RadioShack 70 Volt/100 Watt Line Transformer 320-1032
RadioShack 70 Volt/100 Watt Line Transformer 320-1034
RadioShack Desktop Public Address Mixer Rack 320-1035
RadioShack Rolling Public Address Mixer Rack 320-1036
RadioShack Multi Channel Wireless Audio Link 320-1232
RadioShack Multi Channel Professional Wireless Microphone Receiver 320-1233
RadioShack Multi Channel Professional Wireless Microphone Receiver 320-1234
Optimus Single Channel 170 MHz Wireless FM Public Address Amp. Sys. 320-1240
Optimus Public Address Stand 320-2010
RadioShack Micro In Ear Buds 330-0970
RadioShack Sound Level Meter 330-2050
RadioShack Sound Level Meter 330-2055
RadioShack Digital Sound Level Meter 330-2055A
RadioShack 15' Microphone Cable 330-4002
RadioShack 25' Microphone Cable 330-4003
RadioShack 16' Microphone Cable 330-4012
RadioShack 7-Range Analog Display Sound Level Meter 330-4050
RadioShack Audio/Video Rack 420-3032
Quartz Guitar Tuner 630-0670
RadioShack Automatic Quartz Guitar Tuner 630-1001

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