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SKU/Catalog # Model Description
17-314 RadioShack Suction Cup Antenna
17-315 RadioShack Clip-on Glass-Mount Cellular Antenna
17-32017-320 Glass-Mount Cellular Antenna
17-321 RadioShack Conformal/Low Profile Cellular Antenna
17-323 RadioShack Portable Glass-Mount Clip-On Antenna
17-324 RadioShack Inside On-Glass Cellular Antenna
17-326 RadioShack Clip-On Antenna Adapter
17-328 RadioShack Mini Magnet-Mount Cellular Antenna
17-329 RadioShack Clip-on Magnet-Mount Cellular Antenna
17-33017-330 Cellular Patch Mount Antenna
17-331 RadioShack Patch Antenna
17-335 RadioShack On-Window Antenna
17-336 RadioShack High Performance Cellular Antenna
17-415239/RS CT355 Leather Case
17-44117-441 Compact Pager Purse
17-512 RadioShack Cellular Phone Mounting Bracket
17-514 RadioShack Vibrating Cellular Phone Call Alert
17-560 Laptop Clip for Wireless Phone
17-601 RadioShack CT-300/CT-301 Hands-Free Data Interface
17-605 Leather Case for Samsung® A570
17-606 Tandy Mobile Mounting Kit for CT-302
17-607 Tandy Cellular Battery Pack for CT-302
17-608 RadioShack Cellular Battery Pack for CT-350
17-615 Holster for Samsung A740
17-616170-0616 DC Adapter
17-704 RadioShack Cellular Horn Alert Kit
17-713VM382181 Neoprene Case for Nokia® Shorty
17-720 RadioShack CT-105/1050/1055 Data Interface
17-723 RadioShack Horn Alert Kit
17-735 RadioShack Handsfree Speakerphone Car Kit
17-737 RadioShack Desktop Charger Kit
17-738 RadioShack Battery for CT 352
17-739 RadioShack Cellular Telephone Battery (P-110AS)
17-741 RadioShack Handsfree Speakerphone Car Kit
17-80017-800 Universal 12VDC Shuttle
17-801 RadioShack Car Radio Silencer
17-85517-855 Wireless Phone Recording Controller
17-871M130 Wireless Phone Headset
17-874M205 Discreet in-the-ear ultra-light Plantronics® Flexfit™ Headset
17-890 RadioShack Wireless Phone Hands-Free FM Headset
17-892MX100 Plantronics MX100 Headset
17-895 Air Bud Universal Wire-free Headset
17-90017-900 Microphone Cord
17-90117-901 Microphone Cord
17-90217-902 Microphone Cord
17-903 RadioShack Cellular Handsfree Mic Cord
17-904 RadioShack Cellular Handsfree Mic Cord
17-908170-0908 2-Way Add-On Speakerphone Adapter
17-91117-911 Speakerphone Kit for Audiovox Phones
17-914170-0914 Speakerphone Kit with Built-In Charger - Sanyo 4000
17-91617-916 2-Way Add-On Speakerphone
17-91817-918 Hands-Free Speakerphone Kit for Nokia Phones
17-919170-0919 Hands-Free Speakerphone Kit for Kyocera Phones
17-92017-920 Hands-Free Speakerphone Kit for Sanyo Phones
17-926 RadioShack Handfree Speaker/Chager with Microphone and Clips
17-942MX150 Plantronics MX150 Universal Headset
17-952M60 Plantronics® Over-the-Ear Headset with Boom Microphone
17-953M40 Plantronics® In-the-Ear Headset
17-977 JABRA® ProBoom Headset
17-980HS810 Motorola® HS810 Bluetooth® Headset
17-981HS820 Motorola® HS820 Bluetooth® Headset
23-40123-0401 Motorola/Nokia Desktop Charger
23-1008 Motorola Cellular Phone Battery Pack
23-1013 RadioShack Cellular Phone Battery
23-1456StarTAC Motorola Twin Desktop Charger
23-145723-1457 Motorola Twin Desktop Charger
23-1459230-1459 Nokia 3200/5100/6100/7100 Mini Twin Desktop Charger
273-1202273-1202 DC Adapter for Motorola Phone
273-1211MicroTAC & RC-550 Motorola MicroTAC & CT-501/02/03/04 Vehicle DC Adapter
273-1781 iGo® Peripheral Powering System for Motorola® & Other Wireless Phones
273-1784 iGo? Peripheral Powering System for Audiovox® & Other PDAs
278-976 RadioShack Cellular Telephone Extension

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Guide to Wireless Telecommunications

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