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Products associated to  Radio Scanners

SKU/Catalog # Model Description
20-101 Realistic PRO-20 Scanner
20-103 Realistic PRO-22 Pocket Scanner
20-104 Realistic PRO-23 Pocket Scanner
20-105 RadioShack PRO-24 Pocket Scanner
20-106 RadioShack PRO-25 Portable Scanner
20-107 RadioShack PRO-26 Pocket Scanner, FM Monitor/Scanner
20-108 RadioShack PRO-27 2-Channel Pocket Scanner
20-109 RadioShack PRO-2009 Pocket Scanner
20-110 RadioShack COMP-100 5-Band FM Scanning Monitor
20-112 RadioShack PRO-2020 Scanner
20-113 RadioShack PRO-2021 Scanner
20-115PRO-2001 PRO-2001 Scanner
20-116 Realistic PRO-2002 AM/FM Scanning Receiver
20-118 RadioShack PRO-2011 Programmable Scanner
20-119 RadioShack PRO-2004 Programmable Scanner
20-126 RadioShack PRO-57 Scanner
20-127 RadioShack PRO-2022 Programmable Scanner
20-128 RadioShack PRO-2023 Programmable Scanner
20-129 RadioShack PRO-2024 Programmable Scanner
20-130PRO-1 PRO-1 Patrolman Scanner
20-132 RadioShack PRO-31 Portable Scanner
20-133 Realistic PRO-32 Portable Scanner/Receiver
20-135 Realistic PRO-34 Programmable Scanner
20-136 RadioShack PRO-35 100 Channel Programmable Scanner
20-137 PRO-36 Programmable Radio Scanner
20-138 Realistic PRO-37 Programmable Scanner
20-139 Realistic PRO-38 10-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
20-144 RadioShack PRO-2005 AM/FM Programmable Scanner
20-145 RadioShack PRO-2006 Programmable Scanner
20-146 RadioShack PRO-2025 16-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
20-147 RadioShack PRO-2056 50-Channel Home/Mobile Scanner
20-148 Realistic PRO-2026 100-Channel Mobile Scanner
20-148B Realistic PRO-2026 100-Chan Mobile Prog Scanner
20-149 RadioShack Pro-2046 Programmable 100-Channel Mobile Scanner
20-170 RadioShack PRO-10 Scanner
20-195 Mobile Scanner
20-196PRO 2067 PRO 2067 500 Channel Mobile Multi-System Trunking Scanner
20-300 Realistic PRO-43 200 Channel Programmable Scanner
20-301 RadioShack PRO-41 10 Channel Programmable Scanner
20-302 Realistic PRO-42 Programmable Scanner
20-303 Realistic PRO-39 Programmable Scanner
20-304 Realistic PRO-44 Programmable Scanner
20-305 Realistic PRO-46 100 Channel Programmable Scanner
20-306 RadioShack PRO-49 Scanner
20-307 RadioShack PRO-50 Programmable Scanner
20-308 RadioShack PRO-51 200-Channel Programmable Scanner
20-308A RadioShack PRO-51 200-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
20-309 RadioShack PRO-60 Programmable Scanner
20-310 RadioShack PRO-70 50 Channel Portable Scanner
20-311 VHF-Air Band Scanner
20-311A VHF-Air Band Scanner
20-312B VHF-Air Band Scanner
20-313Pro-76 Pro-76 200-Channel VHF/AIR/UHF Handheld Scanner
20-314PRO-79 PRO-79 200 Channel VHF/AIR/UHF Small Size Handheld Scanner
20-315PRO-82 200-Channel Scanner With 1-Touch Service Search, Weather Alert, VHF Aircraft Band
20-400 Realistic PRO-58 Programmable Scanner
20-401 Realistic PRO-59 8-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
20-402 RadioShack PRO-2027 Scanner
20-403 Realistic PRO-2028 50-Chan Direct Entry Scanner
20-404 Realistic PRO-2029 Programmable Scanner
20-407 RadioShack PRO-2030 80-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
20-408 Radio Shack PRO-508 Programmable Scanner
20-409 RadioShack PRO-2032 Desk-Top Programmable Scanner
20-410 RadioShack PRO-2033 Desk-Top Programmable Scanner
20-411 RadioShack PRO-2034 60 Channel Home Scanner
20-412 RadioShack PRO-2036 200 Channel Home Scanner
20-413 RadioShack PRO-2038 50CH SCANNER
20-414 RadioShack PRO-2040 100 Channel Home Scanner
20-415 RadioShack PRO-2043 30-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
20-416 RadioShack PRO-2044 Programmable 80 Channel Home Scanner
20-417 RadioShack PRO-2048 200-Channel Programmable Home Scanner
20-418 RadioShack PRO-2045 200 Channel Weather Alert Home Scanner
20-419 RadioShack PRO-2049 90-Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
20-420 RadioShack PRO-2014 50-Channel Programmable Home Scanner
20-421A RadioShack PRO-2015 200-Channel Programmable Home Scanner
20-422PRO_2016 Pro-2016 200-Channel VHF/AIR/UHF Base Scanner
20-423APRO-2017 Pro-2017 200-Channel Desktop Scanner
20-423PRO-2017 Pro-2017 200-Channel Desktop Scanner
20-424PRO-2018 Pro-2018 200-channel Desktop Scanner with One-touch Service Search, Weather Alert and PC Interface
20-426PRO-2051 PRO-2051 1000-Channel Triple-Trunking Desktop Scanner
20-430APRO-2050 PRO-2050 Desktop Trunk-Tracking Scanner
20-430PRO-2050 PRO-2050 Desktop Trunk-Tracking Scanner
20-432PRO-2052 Pro-2052 1000-Channel Dual-Trunking DeskTop Scanner
20-460 RadioShack PRO-2035 Programmable Home Scanner
20-461 RadioShack PRO-2037 Programmable Scanner
20-462 RadioShack PRO-2039 Scanner
20-463 RadioShack PRO-2041 400-Channel Programmable Home Scanner
20-464 RadioShack PRO-2042 Programmable Scanner
20-466PRO-2053 PRO-2053 VHF/UHF/Air/1.3GHz 300-Channel Dual-Trunking Scanner
20-496PRO-2096 Digital Trunking Mobile/Base Scanner
20-501PRO-83 PRO-83 Compact Handheld Scanner with Signal Stalker and Skywarn Button
20-503 RadioShack PRO-24 16 Channel Programmable Scanner
20-504 RadioShack PRO-23 50 Channel Programmable Scanner
20-505 RadioShack PRO-25 100-Channel Programmable Scanner
20-506 RadioShack PRO-26 Portable 200 Channel Scanner
20-507 RadioShack PRO-27 20 Channel Programmable Scanner
20-508 RadioShack PRO-28 30 Channel Programmable Scanner
20-509 RadioShack PRO-29 60 Channel Direct Entry Programmable Scanner
20-511 RadioShack PRO-66 Scanner
20-512 RadioShack PRO-67 Scanner
20-513Pro-74 RadioShack PRO-74 100-Channel VHF/UHF/Air/800 MHz Race Scanner
20-513APro-74 RadioShack PRO-74 100-Channel VHF/UHF/Air/800 MHz Race Scanner
20-514PRO-89 PRO 89 200 Channel VHF/AIR/UHF 800 MHz Handheld Racing Scanner
20-514APRO-89 PRO 89 200 Channel VHF/AIR/UHF 800 MHz Handheld Racing Scanner
20-515Pro-99 PRO-99 Deluxe Handheld 500-Channel Race Scanner
20-520A RadioShack PRO-90 300-Channel Trunk Tracker Scanner
20-520 RadioShack PRO-90 300-Channel Trunk Tracker Scanner
20-521PRO-91 Pro-91 150-Channel Handheld Trunk-Tracking Scanner
20-521APRO-91 Pro-91 150-Channel Handheld Trunk-Tracking Scanner
20-522PRO-92 PRO-92 Multi-Trunking Scanner
20-522APRO-92 PRO-92 Multi-Trunking Scanner
20-522BPRO-92 PRO-92 Multi-Trunking Scanner
20-523PRO-93 Pro-93 300-Channel Dual-Trunking Handheld Scanner
20-524APro-94 Pro 94 1000-Channel Dual-Trunking Scanner
20-524Pro-94 Pro 94 1000-Channel Dual-Trunking Scanner
20-525Pro 95 Pro 95 1000-Channel Dual-Trunking Handheld Scanner
20-526PRO-96 Digital Trunking Handheld Scanner
20-527PRO-97 Triple-Trunking Scanner
20-560 RadioShack PRO-62 Programmable Scanner
20-561 RadioShack PRO-63 Programmable Scanner
20-564 RadioShack PRO-64 400-Channel Hand-Held 800 MHz Scanner
20-566 RadioShack PRO-72 50-Channel Portable Scanner
940-1764BC250D Uniden« BC250D Digital Handheld Scanner

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Guide to Scanners
Desktop Scanner Comparison Chart
Handheld Scanner Comparison Chart

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