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Products associated to  PA Microphones

SKU/Catalog # Model Description
32-122132-1221 Hands-Free Wireless Mic System
32-1221C32-1221 Hands-Free Wireless Mic System
32-1221B32-1221 Hands-Free Wireless Mic System
32-1222 Optimus 2-Channel 170MHz Wireless FM Microphone
32-1224 Realistic FM Wireless Microphone
32-1226 Realistic Wireless Video Microphone
32-1227 RadioShack 170 MHz Wireless Microphone
32-1229 RadioShack Wireless Microphone
32-123032-1230 3-Channel, 170MHz Wireless FM Microphone
32-1230B32-1230 3-Channel, 170MHz Wireless FM Microphone
32-1230A32-1230 3-Channel, 170MHz Wireless FM Microphone
32-1231A 3-Channel, 170MHz FM Wireless Lapel Microphone Transmitter
32-1231 3-Channel, 170MHz FM Wireless Lapel Microphone Transmitter
32-125032-1250 900MHz Wireless Receiver
32-125132-1251 Unidirectional 900MHz 8-Channel Wireless Microphone
32-125232-1252 900MHz Wireless Audio-Link Transmitter
32-1255Freeway 220 Audio-Technica® Freeway® Series True Diversity Wireless Microphone
33-98433-984 Pro-Unidirectional Highball Microphone
33-985F RadioShack Highball 2 Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-986 RadioShack Highball 7 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-990 RadioShack MC-1000 Dynamic Microphone
33-992 RadioShack Super Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
33-1052 RadioShack Tie-Clip Omnidirectional Microphone
33-1060 RadioShack Omni Electret Omnidirectional Microphone
33-1065 Realistic Stereo Electret Condenser Microphone
33-1067 RadioShack Budget Dynamic Microphone
33-1070 Realistic Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-1070C RadioShack Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-1073A Realistic Cardioid Dynamic Microphone
33-1076 Realistic FM Wireless Microphone
33-1080 RadioShack Pressure Zone Microphone
33-1089 RadioShack Omnidirectional Microphone
33-1090A RadioShack Pressure Zone Microphone
33-1090 Realistic PZM Microphone
33-2001 RadioShack Cassette Replacement Microphone
33-3001330-3001 Pro-Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-3001A330-3001 Pro-Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-3002 Unidirectional Dynamic Mic
33-3003 RadioShack Ultra Miniature Tie Clip Microphone
33-3004 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-3005 RadioShack Pro-3005 Microphone
33-3007 RadioShack Electret Condenser Microphone
33-3008 RadioShack OmniDirectional Microphone
33-3009 RadioShack UniDirectional Microphone
33-3010 RadioShack Pro-3010 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-3011 RadioShack Flexible Gooseneck Dynamic Microphone
33-3012 Headset Microphone with Gooseneck Boom
33-3013 Hands-Free Tie-Clip Omnidirectional Electret
33-3014 RRadioShack Electret Condenser Microphone
33-3017 Optimus Unidirectional Condenser Microphone
33-3018 Dynamic Unidirectional Mic
33-3020 Optimus Omnidirectional Boundary Microphone
33-3021 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-3022 Omnidirectional Boundary Microphone
33-3023 Optimus Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-3024 Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
33-302533-3025 Tabletop Computer Mic
33-302733-3027 Pro Unidirectional Highball Dynamic Microphone
33-3028 Stereo Hands-Free Tie-Clip Electric Mic
33-3030 Dynamic Omnidirectional Mic
33-3031 Desktop Mic with Noise Canceling
33-303233-3032 Professional Instrument Dynamic Mic
33-303333-3033 Wraparound Noise-Canceling Headset Mic

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