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Products associated to  Karaoke

SKU/Catalog # Model Description
14-856 RadioShack Karaoke Music System
14-868 RadioShack Kid's Karaoke Sing-Along
32-1151 RadioShack Sing-Along Center
32-1153 RadioShack Karaoke Mate
32-1154 RadioShack Karaoke Music System
32-1155 RadioShack Dual Cassette Karaoke Music System
32-1156 RadioShack Karaoke Cassette Recorder System
32-1157 RadioShack Sing-a-Long Karaoke Music System
32-1158 Optimus Karaoke Mate
32-1159 Optimus Stereo Dual-Cassette Karaoke
32-1160 Optimus Stereo Dual-Cassette Karaoke Center
32-1161 Optimus Stereo Dual-Cassette Karaoke Center
32-1162 Dual-Cassette Karaoke System with 5-Band Equalizer
32-116332-1163 CD+Graphics Karaoke System w/ 18W amp
32-1164 Portable Karaoke Machine with Microphone
32-1165A32-1165 CD+Graphics Karaoke System w/ 6W Amp
32-116532-1165 CD+Graphics Karaoke System w/ 6W Amp
32-116632-1166 CD+Graphics Karaoke System w/ 8W amp
32-1167320-1167 5-Watt CD+Graphics Karaoke System
32-116832-1168 Karaoke - Voice Canceller/Vocal Eliminator
32-116932-1169 Portable karaoke music machine
32-117032-1170 Dual-Cassette Karaoke System with 8-Watt Amplifier
32-1171320-1171 CD+Graphics Karaoke System With 8-Watt Amplifier
32-1172 RadioShack Portable Karaoke with Cassette Recorder
32-1174A32-1174 CD+Graphics Karaoke System
32-117432-1174 CD+Graphics Karaoke System
32-117532-1175 Pro digital CD+G karaoke with digital key control and 50W power
32-3034MKS2111 Memorex® Portable Karaoke with CD/CD+G Player
32-3035STVG-502 The Singing Machine® CD+G Karaoke with TV Monitor
32-3036STVG-707 The Singing Machine® CD+G/Cassette Karaoke with TV Monitor/AM/FM Radio
32-3037MKS2112 Memorex® Portable Karaoke with CD/CD+G Player
32-3043SMG-900 3-Disc CD+G Karaoke Machine with Dual Cassettes
33-3006 RadioShack Karaoke Echo Microphone
33-301633-3016 Karaoke Microphone with Adjustable Echo
60-2578 RadioShack FM Wireless Microphone
60-2594 RadioShack AM/FM Karaoke Radio

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FAQ: Karaoke and Keyboards

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