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Products associated to  Home Speaker Systems

SKU/Catalog # Model Description
12-1766 Optimus Two-Way Outdoor/Marine Speaker
33-208 RadioShack DLX Pillow Speaker
40-115 PA Monitor Speaker with 15" Woofer and Horn Tweeter
40-155 RadioShack Personal Speaker for Portable Stereos
40-168 RadioShack Mini Stereo Amplified Speaker System
40-215 150-Watt 2-Way PA Monitor Speaker
40-224 RadioShack Minimus 4 Oiled Walnut Veneer Speaker System
40-227 Optimus PRO-127 5" 2-Way Speaker
40-229 RadioShack XTS-22 Bookshelf Speaker
40-230STS 50 5" 2-way Bookshelf Speaker
40-231 Optimus XTS-23 Mini Speakers
40-288 RadioShack E 2A Speaker
40-916 RadioShack NOVA 500 Speaker System
40-1102 Optimus 660 Speaker System
40-1125 Optimus 990 Speaker System
40-1130 Optimus 1000 Oiled Walnut Speaker System
40-1150 Optimus 1100 Black Lacquered Speaker System
40-1155 Optimus 1150 Lacquered Speaker
40-1248B RadioShack Outdoor Patio Speaker
40-1250C RadioShack XTS 3 Cube Speaker System
40-1250 RadioShack Minimus 0.3 Cube Speaker System
40-1250B RadioShack Minimus 0.3 Cube Speaker System
40-1267 RadioShack Portable Stereo Speaker System
40-1296B RadioShack 2-Way Universal Crossover Network
40-1299B RadioShack 3-Way Universal Crossover Network
40-1313 Realistic Minimus 0.8
40-1323 RadioShack AMX 9 Amplified Speaker System
40-1324 RadioShack AMX 11 AC Powered Stereo Amplified Speaker System
40-1352 Outdoor 360 Degree Speaker (Each)
40-1359 Optimus AMX 2 Amplified Stereo Speaker System
40-1361 RadioShack 3.5 Watt Amplified Speaker System
40-1362 RadioShack AMX 15 Amplified Speaker System
40-1363 RadioShack AMX 16 Amplified Speaker System
40-1364 Optimus AMX 20 Wireless Speakers
40-1365 Realistic Two-Way Wall-Mount Speaker System
40-1366 RadioShack 2 Way Wall Speakers
40-1372 Optimus 900 MHz Wireless Speakers
40-1386 RadioShack AMX 14 5W/Chan Amplified PC Speakers
40-1387 RadioShack AMX 5 Amplified Speaker System
40-140040-1400 Mini Speakers for Sports Stereos (pair)
40-140140-1401 Mini Speakers for Portable Players (Pair)
40-1403 Optimus 2 Way Stereo Amp Speaker
40-1404AMX-18 Amplified PC Speakers (Pair)
40-1405AMX-19 Shielded 2-Way Speakers (pair)
40-1407 Portable Shielded PC Mini Speaker System
40-1408Professional Series Amplified 4" Full-Range Speakers (Pair)
40-1430A40-1430 Space-saving Folding PC Speakers with Retractable Cable
40-143040-1430 Space-saving Folding PC Speakers with Retractable Cable
40-143140-1431 Portable Amplfied Speaker System
40-1432 RadioShack Portable Amplified Speaker System
40-1434 Fold-Up Speaker System
40-1436 Flat-Panel Detachable Amplified Speaker System
40-1437 Portable Amplified Speaker System (Pair)
40-1439 5x8" 30W RMS Indoor/Outdoor Powerhorn
40-144040-1440 4x6 " 50W Indoor/Outdoor Powerhorn
40-1441 Portable Folding Amplified Speaker System
40-1442 RadioShack Portable Splash-Resistant Speaker System
40-144540-1445 Public Address Indoor/Outdoor 100-Watt Powerhorn
40-1452 TDK® I'MASPEAKER Portable Amplified Speaker
40-1462 Accurian? HomePlug® Digital Receiver/Speaker
40-1463AW820 Advent Wireless Stereo Speakers
40-1464AW810 Advent AW810 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker
40-1988 RadioShack MC 1401 Bookshelf Speaker System
40-1989 Realistic MC-1600 Oiled Walnut Speaker System
40-1991 Optimus XTS-40 Audio/Video Speaker
40-1994 RadioShack XTS-36 Mini Speaker
40-1996A RadioShack Minimus 3.5 Speaker System
40-2002 Optimus 5 Oiled Walnut Speaker System
40-2005 Optimus 1B Oiled Walnut Speaker System
40-2009 RadioShack NOVA 9 Three Way Speaker System
40-2030C RadioShack Minimus 7 Metal Cabinet Speaker System
40-2030A RadioShack Minimus 7 Metal Cabinet Speaker System
40-2034A RadioShack 4" 2 Way 2 Speaker System
40-2034 RadioShack Minimus 7
40-2041 Optimus 50 Oiled Walnut Speaker System
40-2048 RadioShack PRO-7A Shielded Speaker System - Black
40-2054 RadioShack Minimus 77 Metal Cabinet Speaker System - Black
40-2055 RadioShack Minimus 77 Metal Cabinet Speaker System - White
40-2056 RadioShack XTS-9 2 Way Speaker System
40-2057 RadioShack PRO-77 Speaker - Black
40-2058 RadioShack PRO-77 Speaker - White
40-2059 RadioShack PRO-7AV Shielded Speaker System - White
40-2064 Optimus XTS 8 Speaker System
40-2065 RadioShack Pro-7 4" Speaker System
40-2066 PRO-7 4" 2 Way Speaker System
40-2070 RadioShack PRO X5 Speaker System
40-2071 RadioShack PRO X7 Speaker - Black
40-2072 RadioShack PRO X77 5" 2-Way Speaker - Black
40-2075 RadioShack PRO X5 White Speaker
40-2076 RadioShack PRO X7 Speaker - White
40-2077 RadioShack PRO X77 5" 2-Way Speaker - White
40-2078 Optimus XTS-10 Swivel Speaker System
40-2079PRO-X33AV Budget 2-Way Mini Speaker
40-2080PRO-X44AV Shielded 2-Way Mini Speaker
40-2081 Optimus PRO-X44AV Audio-Video Mini Spkr/wht
40-2086Professional Series 2-Way Swiveling Satellite Speaker System
40-2090 RadioShack STS-55 5" Two Way Bookshelf Speaker
40-2091 Optimus STS-65 Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker
40-4024 RadioShack Oiled Walnut Speaker System
40-4026 RadioShack NOVA 8B 12" Speaker System
40-4029 RadioShack Mach 1 Speaker System
40-4030 Realistic NOVA-5 Speaker System
40-4032A RadioShack Mach Two Speaker System
40-4032 RadioShack Mach Two Speaker System
40-4039 RadioShack 15" 3 Way Speakers
40-4040 Optimus PRO-4000 Speaker System
40-4041 RadioShack 8" 2 Way Speaker System
40-4044 RadioShack PRO-300 10" 2 Way Speakers
40-4045 RadioShack STS-1000 12" 3 Way Speakers
40-4046 STS-100 8" Speaker System
40-4047 Optimus STS-500 Speaker System
40-4048 Optimus PRO-110 5" 2-Way Speaker System
40-4051 RadioShack PRO-SW12 Subwoofer
40-4052 Optimus PRO SWS-502
40-4054 Optimus PRO SW-120 12" 100-Watt Subwoofer System
40-4055 Optimus Subwoofer Satellite Speaker System
40-4056 RadioShack PRO SWS-501
40-4057 Optimus Center Channel Speaker System
40-4058 Optimus PRO CS-2 Center Channel/Surround Speaker System
40-4059 RadioShack PRO-CS3 2 Way Speaker System
40-4060 RadioShack LX4 Compact Bookshelf Speaker
40-4061 RadioShack PRO LX5 Speaker
40-4063 Optimus PRO LX7 Bookshelf Speaker
40-4064 Optimus PRO LX8 Bookshelf Speaker
40-4065 Optimus PRO CS-5 Center Channel Speaker
40-4066 Optimus STS-600 6 1/2-Inch Two-Way Mini Tower Speaker
40-4067 Optimus PRO LX-10 Dual-Woofer Tower Speaker
40-4068 Optimus STS-800 8-Inch Three-Way Tower Speaker
40-4069 Optimus STS-1500 Speaker System
40-4070 Optimus PRO SW-10P 120 Watt Subwoofer
40-4071 Optimus 6 Speaker Home Theater System
40-4072PRO SW-14. 12" Passive Subwoofer
40-4073 Optimus STS-200 Speaker System
40-4074 Optimus STS-150 Speaker System
40-4075 Optimus PRO SWS-250 Multimedia Amplified Speaker System
40-4076 Optimus PRO-SWS300 Amplified Multimedia Subwoofer Satellite Speaker System
40-4077 Optimus PRO-SW30 Multimedia Amplified Subwoofer
40-4078PRO-LX5II Bookshelf Speaker with Wide-angle Dipole Tweeter
40-4079 Optimus PRO-LS3 Indoor/Outdoor Speaker System
40-4080PRO-SW100P 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer
40-4081PRO-SW200P 200-Watt Powered Subwoofer with Remote
40-4082 RadioShack PRO LS1 Mini Home Theater Satellite Speaker -- White
40-4083 RadioShack PRO LS1 Mini Home Theater Satellite Speaker -- Black
40-4084 Optimus PRO-LS2 Mini Home Theater Center Speaker
40-4085Professional Series 100-Watt Home Theater Center-Channel Speaker
40-4087Professional Series 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker with 6 1/2" Woofer, Dome Tweeter
40-4088 Optimus STS-830 Three-Way Speaker
40-4089Professional Series 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker with 12" Woofer
40-5000PRO-X33AV RCA® 15-Watt 2-Way Die Cast Mini Speaker (Each)
40-5001PRO-X44AV Black RCA® 50-Watt, 2-Way Die-Cast Mini-Speaker (Each)
40-5002PRO-X44AV White RCA® 50-Watt, 2-Way Die-Cast Mini-Speaker (Each)
40-5003PRO-X55AV Black RCA® 70-Watt, 2-Way Die-Cast Mini Speaker (Each)
40-5004PRO-X55AV White RCA® 70-Watt, 2-Way Die-Cast Mini Speaker (Each)
40-5005PRO-X88AV Black RCA 60-Watt, 2-Way Mini Speaker with Monopole Tweeter (Each)
40-5006PRO-X88AV White RCA® 60-Watt, 2-Way Mini Speaker with Monopole Tweeter (Each)
40-5007PRO-LX55 RCA® 360°, 2-Way Mini-Speaker with Dipole Tweeter (Each)
40-5008PRO-LS10 RCA® 50-Watt Satellite Speaker - Black (Each)
40-5011PRO-CS55 RCA® 2-Way Center Channel Speaker System (Each)
40-5012PRO-LS25 RCA® Indoor/Outdoor Speaker System (Pair)
40-5014STS-620 RCA® 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker - 50W RMS (Each)
40-5014ASTS-620 RCA® 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker - 50W RMS (Each)
40-5016ASTS-830 RCA® 3-Way Bookshelf Speaker (Each)
40-5016STS-830 RCA® 3-Way Bookshelf Speaker (Each)
40-5017STS-1230 RCA® 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker (Each)
40-5017ASTS-1230 RCA® 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker (Each)
40-5018PRO-SW100P RCA® 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer (Each)
40-5019PRO-SW200P RCA 200 Watt Powered Subwoofer (Each)
40-5020WSP150 RCA® Wireless Speakers (Pair)
40-5021WSP200 RCA®900 MHz Wireless Stereo Speakers (Pair)
40-5022STS-520 RCA® 40-Watt, 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker
40-5023PRO-SW60P RCA® 60-Watt Powered Subwoofer (Each)
40-5024XTS-50AV Shielded Speaker
40-5025XTS-60AV RCA® 50-Watt 2-Way Swivel Speaker
40-5026PRO-LS100 RCA® Mini Satellite Home Theater Speaker
40-5027PRO-LS100 RCA® Mini Satellite Home Theater Speaker
40-5028PRO-LS200 RCA® 2-Way Home Theater Center-Channel Speaker
40-5029 RCA® 900MHz Wireless Speaker System
40-5030PRO-SW120P RCA® 120W Powered Subwoofer with 10" Woofer
40-5031PRO-SW22OP RCA® 200-Watt Powered Subwoofer with 12" Woofer
40-5034PS100 Single-Point Surround-Sound Speaker System
40-5035PRO-X880AV RCA 2-Way Shielded Mini Speaker
40-5036PRO-X880AV RCA 2-Way Shielded Mini Speaker
40-5037PRO-LX550 RCA 75 Watt 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker
40-5038PRO-CS550 RCA® Center-Channel Speaker
40-5039 RCA® 6-Piece Home Theater Speaker System
40-5040HTP-200 RCA® 6-Piece, Home Theater Speaker System with 100-Watt Powered Subwoofer
40-5041PRO-LS150 Two RCA® Indoor/Outdoor Water-Resistant Speakers
40-5042PRO-LS300 RCA® Indoor/Outdoor Speaker System (Pair)

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