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SKU/Catalog # Model Description
12-205112-2051 Wireless CD Adapter
15-1832 AM/FM Amplified Indoor Antenna.
15-1833 RadioShack FM Amplified Antenna
15-1846 RadioShack AM/FM Amplified Antenna
15-1853 AM Loop Antenna
15-1855 Sleek Design Adjustable Gain Amplified Indoor Antenna
15-1859 RadioShack Amplified AM/FM Antenna
15-1937 Accurian? HomePlug« Digital Audio Receiver/Amplifier
15-1938 Accurian? HomePlug« Digital Audio Transmitter
15-1973RD900W RCA® Lyra Wireless Audio Sender/Receiver
15-1974 RadioShack 5.8 GHz Digital Audio Link
15-1983 4-Way Audio/Video Selector Switch
15-1985 5-Way Tilting, Auto-Sensing Stereo A/V Selector
15-1988 Auto-Sensing 4-Way Stereo A/V Selector & RF Modulator
15-2163 RadioShack Six Element Triple Drive FM Antenna
15-2164 RadioShack Omni Directional FM Antenna
26-472 RadioShack MixMedia Storage Tower
26-49710108 Digital Innovations Skip Doctor CD & DVD Repair Device
278-512278-512 Shielded Cable for Microphone & Audio Hookups
278-1267278-1267 16-Gauge Clear 2-Conductor Speaker Wire 50-Ft.
278-1273278-1273 14-Gauge Flat, Flexible, Clear Megacable« 50-Ft.
32-1235 Optimus 2 Channel Professional Wireless Audio Link System
32-2040 Realistic 1 Watt Speaker/Amp
33-374 RadioShack Foam Earpads Replacement
33-374A RadioShack Foam Earpads Replacement
33-1056Nova-57 Built-in Volume Controls
33-1093A RadioShack Stereo Amplified Listener
33-1094 Amplified Listener with EQ
33-1094A Amplified Listener with EQ
33-1096 Pocket-Size Stereo Amplified Listener
33-1097 Amplified Stereo Listener With 3-Band Equalizer
33-1109A 3-Way Headphone Volume Booster
33-1109 3-Way Headphone Volume Booster
33-1113 Optimus NOVA 13 Lightweight Stereo Headphones
33-1143 Optimus Wireless Stereo Headphone System
40-125B RadioShack Stereo Remote Speaker Switch
40-130 RadioShack Stereo Speaker Selector Switch
40-132 4-Speaker Switcher
40-136 Realistic High Power Stereo Speaker Control Center
40-137 RadioShack High Power Stereo Speaker Control Center
40-150B Metal Wall Brackets
40-240 3-way Speaker Selector
40-24140-241 High-Power Speaker Selector
40-24440-244 4-way Speaker Selector
40-977 RadioShack Monophonic L-Pad
40-978 RadioShack Stereo L-Pad
40-980 RadioShack Monophonic L-Pad
40-99040-990 3-Terminal Audio/video Wall Plate
40-991 RadioShack Speaker Wall Jack
40-99340-993 In-Wall Mono Volume Control
40-1266 RadioShack Black Speaker Stands
40-1326 Realistic Low-Pass Choke Coil
40-1327 RadioShack Deluxe Speaker Stands
40-1351 RadioShack 30" Floor Speaker Stand
40-2013 Optimus SS-20 15-Inch Speaker Stand
40-2014SS-30 Satellite Speaker Stands (pair)
40-201640-2016 22” Bookshelf Speaker Stands (Pair)
40-2063 Optimus Mini Speaker Wallmount
40-2067 Optimus Pro 7/77 Mini Speaker Wall Mount Bracket
40-2069 RadioShack Speaker Stand for Optimus Pro 7/77
42-113 CD Cleaner
42-116 CD Cleaner System
42-117 Pro Record Cleaner
42-119 Record Cleaner
42-126 CD Cleaner Fluid
42-12742-127 CD Scratch 'N Fix Kit
42-129 CD Wipeout Cleaner
42-140 Record/Stylus Cleaner
42-141 CD Stick Cleaner
42-208 CD Radial Cleaner
42-225 CD Cleaning Kits
42-226 RadioShack CD Cleaning Kit
42-228 Automatic Motorized Disc Cleaner
42-1004 RadioShack 12 ' Mega Speaker Cable
42-2100 RadioShack Audio Power Meter
42-2101A Realistic Stereo Pre-Amplifier
42-2110 RadioShack Stereo Audio Source Selector
42-2112 Audio Control Center
42-2115 RadioShack T-Deck Switch 80
42-215242-2152 6.5' Attenuating Dubbing Cord
42-237142-2371 6' Shielded Cable
42-238142-2381 6' Shielded Cable
42-238742-2387 6' 1/8" Stereo to 1/8" Stereo Cord
42-244242-2442 20' Stereo Headphone Cord
42-2462A42-2462 20' Stereo Headphone Extension Cord
42-247042-2470 50 Ft. PA Speaker Cable, Gold-plated Ends
42-2473No model 15-Ft. Coiled Guitar Cable With ╝" Mono Phone Plug To ╝" Right-Angle Plug
42-2501 Record Cleaner
42-2503 Record Cleaner Spray
42-260142-2601 3' Gold Plated Stereo Patch Cable
42-2603 RadioShack Audio Cable Set
42-260642-2606 12-Ft Gold-Plated Stereo Patch Cable
42-2610 18-Ft. ╝" Plug to ╝" Plug Shielded Cable
42-2794 Realistic/Stanton RS500DJ Cartridge
42-2800 RadioShack V15-RS Cartridge
42-7051 Radial CD/DVD Cleaning System
44-217 Cassette Recorder Head Cleaner Kit
44-279 Empty Tape Reels
44-626 RadioShack Cassette Repair Kit
44-1013 Non-Slip Solvent
44-1014 Zero Residue Cleaner
44-1088 RadioShack Record/Tape Cleaning Cloths
44-1112D Professional Tape Head Cleaner
44-1112 Head Cleaner Spray
44-1113D Professional Tape Head Cleaner
44-1113 Head Cleaner Spray
44-1114 Head Cleaner Spray
44-111644-1116 Standard Cassette Deck Cleaner
44-116244-1162 2-Way Cassette Head Cleaner
44-1165B44-1165 Electronic Tape Head Demagnitizer
44-1167 Head Cleaner /Demagnetizer Kit
44-116844-1168 Microcassette Cleaning Kit
44-116844-1168 Microcassette Cleaning Kit
44-1170A Tape Head Cleaner
44-1171A Professional Tape Head Cleaner
44-120244-1202 Brush Cleaner and Demagnetizer
44-1251 DVD/CD Skip Fixer

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