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Products associated to  Controllers and Remotes

SKU/Catalog # Model Description
49-526 RadioShack Plug 'n Power Burglar Alarm Interface
49-258549-2585 Add-On Wireless Door/Window Alarm Transmitter
61-2107 RadioShack Universal Garage Remote Control System
61-2108 RadioShack Universal Garage Door Opener
61-211561-2115 Universal Gate/Garage Door Opener
61-2116 Universal Garage Door Opener Remote Control
61-2410 Home Automation Starter Kit
61-2416 RadioShack Wireless AC Outlet Control
61-2417 RadioShack Plug 'n Power Home Control Center
61-2470MT10AW Mini Timer Programmable Control Center
61-256461-2564 3-Switch Remote Control System
61-257661-2576 Control Lights/Appliances By Remote
61-257761-2577 Plug n Power Wireless Keychain Remote Control
61-2610 RadioShack Wireless Home Control
61-2611 RadioShack Plug N' Play Security System
61-2616 RadioShack Sundowner Controller
61-2617W RadioShack Lighthouse for Windows
61-2617 RadioShack Plug N' Power Home Control Interface
61-2618 RadioShack Wireless Miniature Remote Control
61-2658 Radioshack IR-543 Command Center
61-2663 Keychain Remote
61-2663A Keychain Remote
61-2663B Keychain Remote
61-2670 RadioShack Plug N' Power Remote Controller/Timer
61-2672 RadioShack Plug N' Power Maxi Controller
61-2673 RadioShack Plug N' Power Homeminder Home Control System
61-2675 RadioShack Plug N' Power Wireless Remote Control Center
61-2676B RadioShack Wireless Remote Control Center
61-2677C Mini Controller for Eight Sets of Modules
61-2677D Mini Controller for Eight Sets of Modules
61-2677A Mini Controller for Eight Sets of Modules
61-2678 RadioShack Plug 'n Power Remote Control Center w/Panic Lights
61-2679A Plug 'n Power Remote Control Timer Center w/Batt.Back-up & Test
61-2687 RadioShack Plug N' Power Universal Interface
61-2690 RadioShack Plug 'n Power Remote Control Command Center
61-3000 RadioShack Home Automation Starter Kit
61-3001 RadioShack Home Automation Mini Controller
61-3030CLK1 ClickerŪ Universal Garage Door Opener Keypad
61-6319 RadioShack Residential Powerline Carrier Components Wall Mounted Controller
980-0237HK10A Three-Piece Home Automation Kit

Documents associated to   Controllers and Remotes

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