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SKU/Catalog # Model Description
274-001 4 Pin Microphone Plug
274-003A274-3 DIN-Type Connector-Plug 5-Pin
274-005C 5 Pin DIN Jack
274-006A274-6 DIN-Type Connector-Jack 5/3-Pin
274-010 A3M XLR Audio Connector
274-222 RadioShack 2 Pin Male Wire Connector
274-247274-247 2.5mm Panel-Mount Jack with Switch DC Power Connector
274-248274-248 3.5mm 2-conductor Panel-Mount Phone Jack
274-274 3-Conductor Inline Phone Jack
274-372 Stereo Plug/Jack - Right Angle
274-511 RCA Jack to Two RCA Jack
274-717 Dual Inline Banana Plug F/Test
274-852 Gold-Plated Phono Jack
274-864274-864 Coupler
274-865 6.3 mm Mono Plug For Guitar Amp
274-866 6.3 Stereo Plug Solderless GP
274-1569A274-1569 5.5x2.1mm Inline Plug DC Power Connector
274-1569274-1569 5.5x2.1mm Inline Plug DC Power Connector
274-1570274-1570 Coaxial plugs, EIAJ coaxial, mini and submini plugs
274-1573 Coaxial DC Power Plug?2-Pk.
276-1405276-1405 25-Pin D-Sub to Modular Phone Jack Adapter
276-1406276-1406 25-Pin D-Sub to Modular Phone Jack Adapter
276-1547 Solder Terminal Plug Connector
276-1548 Solder Terminal Socket Connector
278-104 Male BNC 59 Screw-On
278-146 TNC to Mini UHF
278-149 N Male Crimp Connector for RG8
278-176 Mini UHF Connector
278-304278-304 Gold-Plated F-81 Coupler
278-785278-785 Ethernet 10-Base-T Splitter
61-2702A RadioShack Quick Assembly Plugs (2)
61-2702 RadioShack Quick Assembly Plugs (2)
64-3085 Snap Connectors

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