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Products associated to  Citizens Band Mobile/Base Station Radios

SKU/Catalog # Model Description
21-151 Realistic TRC-55
21-1500 RadioShack TRC-409
21-1511 RadioShack TRC-418
21-1513 RadioShack TRC-423
21-1514 RadioShack TRC-430
21-1518 Realistic TRC-435 40-Channel AM CB Radio
21-1519 Realistic TRC-479
21-1522 Realistic TRC-424
21-1528 RadioShack TRC-462 CB PLL 40 Channel Mobile Transceiver
21-1544 RadioShack TRC-431
21-1546 RadioShack TRC-432
21-1549 Realistic TRC-492
21-1550 Realistic TRC-481
21-1551 Realistic TRC-482
21-1552 Realistic TRC-438
21-1553 Realistic TRC-437
21-1554 RadioShack TRC-464 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio
21-1556 RadioShack TRC-484
21-1557 RadioShack TRC-483 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio
21-1558 RadioShack TRC-463
21-1559 Realistic TRC-460
21-1565 RadioShack TRC-451
21-1567 Realistic TRC-465 40-Channel AM/SSB CB Radio
21-1569 PRO-501XL CB
21-1571 RadioShack TRC-443
21-1572 RadioShack TRC-444 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio
21-1572A RadioShack TRC-444 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio
21-1573 RadioShack TRC-445 Deluxe 40-Channel Mobile CB Radio With Weather Alert
21-1574TRC-446 Chrome-Face CB with Audio Clarity Enhancer and Weather Alert
21-1576 RadioShack Deluxe Chrome Faced, 40 Channel, Mobile CB
21-1577 RadioShack TRC-485
21-1579 RadioShack TRC-495
21-1580 Realistic TRC-457 AM/SSB CB Transceiver
21-1581 Realistic TRC-458 AM/SSB CB Transceiver
21-1582 Realistic TRC-459 AM SSB CB Transceiver
21-1583 Realistic TRC-490 AM/SSB CB Transceiver
21-1585 RadioShack TRC-488 40-Channel 2-Way CB Radio
21-1586TRC-442 Sports Mobile CB Radio
21-1588 RadioShack TRC-401 Portable Emergency CB Radio
21-1589 RadioShack 40 Channel Emergency CB Weatheradio
21-1590 RadioShack TRC-493
21-1594 RadioShack TRC-487 Mobile CB Radio
21-1597 RadioShack TRC-496 40 Channel 2-Way CB Radio
21-1598 RadioShack TRC-493 40-Channel CB Mobile Transceiver w/Digital Signal Proces
21-1599 RadioShack TRC-499 40 Chaannel 2-Way CB Radio
21-160129 WX NW ST Cobra® 40-Channel NightWatch Chrome CB Radio with SoundTracker®
21-1701 RadioShack TRC-501
21-1702 Mini CB with Up/Down Channel Selector
21-1702A Mini CB with Up/Down Channel Selector
21-1703 Mini Mobile CB
21-1703A Mini Mobile CB
21-1704TRC-504 Full Power, 40 Channel Mini CB Radio
21-1705TRC-511 Compact Mobile CB Radio with Channel9/19 Priority
21-1706TRC-514 Mobile CB Radio Has Digital Compass for Travel
21-170921-1709 Full-Power CB with ACE and Weather Alert with SAME
21-1710TRC-520 Dual Watch Mobile CB Radio with Digital Compass
21-1711TRC521 40-Channel Mobile CB Radio with Weather Alert
940-1587NightWatch Cobra® AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio
940-158875 WX ST Compact Remote-Mount Cobra CB Radio

Documents associated to   Citizens Band Mobile/Base Station Radios

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