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SKU/Catalog # Model Description
19-312 RadioShack Communications Headset with VOX
19-314 Speaker/Microphone
19-31619-316 Voice-Activated Earbud Headset with Microphone
20-176 Outdoor VHF-Hi/UHF Scanner Antenna
20-210A20-210 Communications Headset
20-282 Scanner Headset
21-506J RadioShack Dummy Load (Coaxial Termination)
21-523 Micronta Field Strength and Standing Wave Ratio Meter
21-524 Micronta SWR/Power Meter
21-525B Micronta Field Strength Standing Wave Ratio Meter
21-525 Micronta Field Strength and SWR Tester
21-527 RadioShack Digital SWR/Power Meter
21-533 CB/Ham Field-Strength SWR Meter
21-534 CB/High-Frequency Ham SWR/Power Meter
21-540 RadioShack Hump Mount
21-541 RadioShack CB Amplified Extension Speaker
21-543 RadioShack DSP Noise Reduction System
21-549 Extension Speaker
21-566 RadioShack CB Transceiver Mount
21-802 "Cellular Look-Alike" CB Antenna
21-903 RadioShack 102" Stainless Steel Whip Antenna
21-905 RadioShack 02" Fiberglass Whip Antenna
21-906 RadioShack Mobile Roof Top Antenna
21-909 RadioShack CB Antenna
21-914 RadioShack Snap in Roof Mount Antenna
21-921 RadioShack Back of Set CB Antenna
21-933 RadioShack Crossbow III 3-Element Beam CB Antenna
21-934 RadioShack 48" Fiber Glass Whip Antenna
21-939 RadioShack Single Trucker Antenna
21-939A RadioShack Single Trucker Fiberglass Mirror Mount Antenna
21-940 RadioShack Magnetic Mount Mobile Antenna
21-941 RadioShack Single Trucker II Mirror Mnt Antenna
21-945 RadioShack Twin Truckers Dual Fiberglass Antennas
21-947 RadioShack Foldover Gutter Antenna
21-960 RadioShack Magnetic Mount CB Antenna
21-961 RadioShack CB Antenna Feedthrough/Adapter
21-967 Crossbow CB Base Station Antenna
21-968 Crossbow 1/4 Wave
21-969 RadioShack CB/Ham Radio Base Station Antenna
21-973 RadioShack Tunable Single Trucker CB Antenna
21-974 RadioShack CB Fiberglass Whip Antenna
21-976 RadioShack CB Fiberglass Whip Antenna
21-977 RadioShack No Ground CB RV/Marine Antenna
21-980 RadioShack Flexable Walkie-Talkie Antenna
21-985 RadioShack CB 27 Glass Mount CB Antenna
21-989 CB Antenna
21-990 RadioShack Disguised CB AM/FM Antenna
21-991 RadioShack Cellular Type Antenna
21-993 RadioShack Cellular Look Alike CB Antenna
21-994 CB Antenna
21-995 RadioShack Cellular Look Allike CB Antenna
21-1133 RadioShack 5/8 Wave Ground Plane Antenna
21-1172C RadioShack Dynamic Microphone
21-1173 RadioShack FET-Amplified Dynamic Microphone for Base Station CB
21-1175 RadioShack Hand Held Noise Cancelling Microphone
21-1177 RadioShack Noise-Cancelling Dynamic CB Microphone
270-977 RadioShack CB RV/Marine Antenna

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