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Products associated to  Amplifiers and Receivers

SKU/Catalog # Model Description
31-1957 Mini Stereo Amplifier is Ideal for Desk or Shelf
31-1958 Optimus TM-155 AM/FM Stereo Mini-Tuner
31-1961 RadioShack TM 1001 AM/FM Stereo Tuner
31-1979 RadioShack STA-20 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-1982 RadioShack STA-10 Stereo Micro Amplifier
31-1991 Optimus STA-300 Stereo Receiver
31-1997 RadioShack STA-720
31-2002 RadioShack STA-111 Solid State AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2012 RadioShack STA-116 Solid State AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2025 Optimus 10 Band Equalizer
31-2030 Optimus 10 Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer
31-2048 RadioShack STA-18 Stereo Receiver
31-2056 RadioShack STA-82 44-Watt AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2057 Radioshack STA-47 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2061 RadioShack STA-85 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2063 RadioShack STA-90 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2065 RadioShack STA-235 Receiver
31-2075 RadioShack STA-2000 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2076 RadioShack STA-2100 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2080 RadioShack STA-52B AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2081 RadioShack STA-64B AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2089 RadioShack STA-100 Receiver
31-2097 RadioShack STA-60 Stereo Receiver
31-2101 Optimus STA-795 Receiver
31-2105 Optimus STA-825 Digital Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2106 Optimus STA-5500 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-2107 Optimus STA-7500 Receiver
31-2120 RadioShack STA-900 Digital Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3001 RadioShack STA-870 Solid State AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3006 Realistic STA-2280 Solid State AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3007 Realistic STA-2380 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3008 Optimus STAV-3000 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3013 Optimus STA-2170 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3014 Optimus STA-2180 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3016 Realistic STA-2700 Stereo Receiver
31-3017 Optimus STAV-3100 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3018 Optimus STAV-3150 Stereo Receiver
31-3019 Optimus STAV-3160 Digital Synthesized A/V Surround Receiver
31-3020 Optimus STAV-3200 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3021 Optimus STAV-3250 AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3022 Optimus STAV-3260 Digital Synthesized A/V Surround Receiver
31-3023 Optimus STAV-3170 Audio/Video Receiver
31-3024 Optimus STAV-3300 Audio/Video Receiver
31-3025 Optimus STAV-3400 Audio/Video Receiver
31-3026 Optimus STAV-3270 Audio/Video Receiver
31-3027 RadioShack STA-3180/3190 70W Professional Receiver
31-3028 Optimus STA-3180/3190 100W Professional Receiver
31-3029 Optimus STAV-3280 60 Watt Audio/Video Receiver
31-3030 Optimus STAV-3350 100-Watt Audio/Video Receiver
31-3031 Optimus STAV-3450 Audio/Video Receiver
31-3032 Optimus STAV-3370 Digital Synthesized Stereo
31-3033 Optimus STAV-3470 Audio/Video Surround Receiver
31-3034 Optimus STA-3500 Digital Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-3035 RadioShack STAV-3560 Digital Synthesized Audio/Video Surround Receiver
31-3036 Optimus STAV-3570 A/V Receiver
31-3037 Optimus STAV-3580 Digital Synthesized Audio/Video Surround Receiver
31-3038 Optimus STAV-3590 A/V Surround Receiver
31-3039 Optimus Audio/Video Receiver
31-3040 Optimus STAV-3690 A/V Surround Receiver
31-3041 Optimus STAV-3670 A/V Surround Receiver
31-3042 100Wx4 A/V Receiver with Dolby Pro Logic Surround
31-3044Professional Series 7-Piece Home Theater System
31-3045Professional Series Dolby Digital-Ready 100-Wattx5 Receiver with Dolby Pro Logic
31-3046Professional Series 100-watt x5 home-theater receiver with Dolby® Digital surround
31-3047Professional Series 50-Watt Stereo Receiver
31-3048Professional Series 100-Watt Stereo Receiver
31-5000SA-155 RCA® SA-155 Mini Stereo Amplifier
31-5001310-5001 RCA 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
31-5002STA-3850 RCA® Stereo Receiver
31-5003STAV-3860 RCA® Audio/Video Receiver
31-5004STAV-3870 RCA® Audio/Video Receiver
31-500531-5005 RCA® Audio/Video Receiver
31-5006STA-3900 RCA® 200-Watt AM/FM Stereo Receiver
31-5011STAV-3970 RCA® 100Wx5 Receiver w/Dolby® Digital & DTS®
31-5012STAV-3990 RCA® 100W Home Theater Receiver
31-5013STAV-4090 RCA® 100-Watt Audio/Video Receiver
31-5021STAV-4180 500-Watt A/V Receiver with Dolby® Digital and DTS®

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